Accused of Domestic Abuse? Let Us Help.

If you have been accused of domestic violence or a 50-B protective restraining order has been filed against you, finding an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer who can mitigate the consequences you face is extremely important.

Over 25 Years Of Domestic Violence Defense Experience

Attorney Chris Connelly at the Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly has over 25 years of experience defending individuals facing domestic violence matters involving:

  • Physical violence and domestic assault
  • Spousal abuse
  • Assault on a female
  • Child abuse, child neglect or child endangerment
  • Sexual abuse
  • Communicating threats and harassing phone calls
  • Criminal trespass

He understands that this area of law is far from black and white. If hired, attorney Connelly will consider possible defenses to your charge, including:

  • Self-defense
  • Whether a charge of physical violence and assault was actually reasonable contact
  • Whether the situation was a simple case of "letting off steam"

Experience Representing Men In Domestic Violence Cases

In many cases the man is charged with the offense - but this doesn't always mean he was the aggressor. Mr. Connelly has extensive experience in representing men in domestic violence cases, making sure they are given fair and competent representation.

Representing Women Charged With Domestic Violence

Conversely, sometimes women are charged with domestic violence either in a criminal setting or in a civil 50B setting. Attorney Connelly has represented women defendants in these matters, often advocating that the charges were fabricated or self-defense or defense of third parties was involved.

Prosecution When An Accuser Does Not Wish To Prosecute

In many cases, even if an accuser does not want to press charges or want to come to court, the district attorney will still try to prosecute the case. The district attorneys' office prohibits allowing the victim to drop charges even if he or she wants to.

What To Do If The Police Want To Talk To You?

Law enforcement will frequently try to convince, or even coerce, you into giving a statement by making false promises of favorable treatment. But whatever benefit you get from talking to the prosecutor is far outweighed by the damage you will do to your case. The most important thing to remember if confronted by law enforcement is to say and do nothing.

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