Drug Trafficking Charges Are Serious

Drug Charges

Under North Carolina law, possession of a certain amount of a controlled substance can result in a conviction for a trafficking offense that carries a mandatory prison sentence, even for a first time offender. If you have been charged with drug trafficking or drug sale or delivery, you need to take immediate action to protect your rights.

After a drug arrest, do not talk to police. Remain silent unless you are with your lawyer. Contact our Charlotte office to arrange a consultation with attorney Chris Connelly.

As our client at the Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly, you will be represented by a lawyer who is one of a handful in Mecklenburg County certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a specialist in State Criminal Law. That recognition is in part a result of Mr. Connelly's experience—over 25 years in state and federal courts. During that time, he has handled a wide range of state and federal cases, including drug cases involving simple possession, trafficking of 150 kilos of crack cocaine and the sale of several tons of marijuana.

Drug charges our attorney defends include:

Charges for Sale or Delivery of, or Possession with intent to Sell or Deliver Controlled Substances including: marijuana, MDMA (Ecstasy), GHB, LSD, PCP, Ketamine, methamphetamines, ecstasy, unauthorized prescription drugs and cocaine, and of drug paraphernalia

Synthetic drugs, such as synthetic marijuana, commonly referred to as "K2" or "Spice" and synthetic cathinones, commonly referred to as "bath salts" and other drugs containing alpha-PVP

Drug charge defense strategies:

Can the police prove that you were in control of the place where the drugs were found? Are plastic baggies, cash, cell phones, jewelry, weapons or scales being used as evidence to convict you of Drug Trafficking?

The police will often ask you to "cooperate" in their investigation with an assurance of lenient treatment later on. They will push you to do so quickly, often without talking to a lawyer of your own choosing. Don't make hasty decisions. Talk to a lawyer first.

Often Trafficking cases can be negotiated by your lawyer. In some instances, a mandatory lengthy prison sentence can be negotiated down to a smaller prison sentence or even a probationary sentence. However, it is better left in the hands of an attorney who is a professional and is experienced in these matters. Negotiating a drug case that involves years in prison is not for the novice and it is not for the desperate person who was just arrested.

Protect your rights. Do not talk to police.

Law enforcement will frequently try to convince, or even coerce, you into giving a statement with false promises of favorable treatment. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Say and do nothing. You are never required to give evidence or testimony against yourself. Information should be given by your attorney, and only if it is beneficial to you.

Drug charges against you can be dismissed or reduced if:

  • The officer did not have a valid reason to stop you.
  • The officer did not have a valid reason to search you, your home (or whatever place you were at), or your vehicle.
  • Your consent to the search was not free and voluntary or the officer exceeded the scope of your consent.
  • If you agree to talk to the police officer confidentially in the presence of your attorney.
  • The officer cannot prove that YOU were in possession of the drugs.

If charges are not dismissed, and they resulted from a chemical dependency, your case may be referred to North Carolina Drug Treatment Court (DTC). Drug court focuses on treatment rather than punishment. This disposition is not available on Trafficking cases or Federal cases.

Questions your attorney will ask:

• Did someone else own the vehicle you were in?

• Did someone else own the place you were in?

• Were there other passengers in your vehicle?

• Were there other people with you in the place where the drugs were found?

• In what part of the vehicle or place were the drugs found?

• How near to the drugs were you?

• Can the police prove that you were in control of the place where the drugs were found? (That you happened to be present is NOT proof that you were in control! Did the police find YOUR property, i.e., clothing, mail, papers at the place in question?)

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