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Almost ludicrous: Can something like this really happen in America?

Gale Griffin has long had a strong attraction for baking soda.

And, actually, so do millions of other people. There are myriad reasons for the product's longstanding popularity. You can cook with it. It cleans soiled carpets. Heck, legions of people brush their teeth with it. And it's cheap.

Pred Pol: Problematic manner of policing?

Some readers of our blog who enjoy futuristic sci-fi movies might flash almost immediately on one flick in particular as they read this post.

That would be Minority Report, which can be summarized thusly: Think Tom Cruise as the leader of a law enforcement division that uses high-end technology to see into the future and take proactive steps to deter crime before it actually happens.

Thanksgiving holiday and alcohol: some road-related observations

Well, it's Turkey Day.

That of course means lots of things to millions of people. Kids cheer the school break. Football fans are hyped by the game-after-game reality marking the day. Family unity is cherished, as is, obviously, all that food. Reflection and thankfulness are both figuratively and literally on the table in legions of homes across the state.

Jury sends strong message to prosecutors: prove your case

Not guilty does not necessarily mean innocent, nor does it have to strongly point to innocence in a court of law.

That was the bottom-line point conveyed by a jury member in a recent criminal case leading to an outcome described by the Washington Post as "stunning."

How teachers can prevent sexual abuse accusations

People in all sorts of professions, including teaching, get accused of sexual abuse. In fact, teachers, because they are alone with students and exert a position of authority over them, are in an especially risky position. The consequences of such accusations, even if they are false, can be horrendous. You may lose your job and be required to register as a sex offender, for example. With a few proactive strategies, however, you can decrease your chances of doing anything that appears improper.

Arrest in big NC cocaine seizure yields some instructive points

Seizure and arrest.

Truly, that is about all that can be safely ascertained from perusal of a recent article and its rather dramatic headline underscoring a huge amount of cocaine and cash and featuring the term "drug bust."

The right to timely legal counsel during investigations prior to being charged

The above-posed headline in today's blog post is essentially rhetorical, given that our readers most assuredly know the answer to the question.

Stories abound to cement the point that, when criminal authorities can effectively isolate individuals from meaningful and timely access to a proven legal advocate, unseemly things often happen.

This may occur during a pre-arrest investigation or after an arrest on an unrelated charge.  In either scenario, getting legal counsel is imperative and may save the person from further prosecution or jail.

Lack of health insurance, mental illness and addiction

While health reform moves such as the Affordable Care Act have increased health care accessibility for Americans, it is still very possible for folks in Charlotte and other cities to slip through the cracks. Mentally ill people are especially vulnerable; for example, they may forget to renew health insurance or to even sign up for it in the first place. They may also skip payments or lose jobs that carry insurance, thus compromising their access. If someone you love has a mental illness, you may know all too well about self-medication and other reasons they could have become addicted.

CEO: probable cause or not, DOJ out to get company executives

The head of a medical device maker and his company targeted in a whistleblower lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice were exonerated in a trial concluded earlier this year. Specifically, they were found not guilty on 10 criminal charges.

As noted in a recent media piece profiling that case and myriad other matters with similar allegations and outcomes, that company chief, Howard Root of Vascular Solutions, has been "one ticked-off medtech CEO" ever since.

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