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North Carolina DWI: ignition interlocks for all offenders?

Twenty six states now mandate that convicted drunk drivers install ignition interlock devices (IIDs) on their vehicles, even after a first drunk driving-related offense.

North Carolina is not one of those states -- yet.

President Obama focused strongly on criminal sentencing reforms

Presidents are busy people, of course, with President Barack Obama underscoring that fact in a big way last week.

Notably, much of the president's focus was on a single topic, namely, the country's criminal justice system.

Having experienced legal counsel on board important at pre-charge stage, too

If you're of a certain age, you can likely conjure up the names of many cop-related television shows where much of the action takes place in a dimly lit room in the rear of the police precinct. It is there that an individual sits, back against the wall, while a cadre of detectives aggressively fish for as much information as they can before a defense attorney enters the room.

Such shows often portray the moments before any criminal charges have been filed in a manner that liberally mixes reality with fiction.

Boating while impaired: considerations, the need for legal counsel

If you're a Mecklenburg County resident with a boat, we understand that almost primal urge to get out on the area waterways this time of year and just utterly relax.

The lapping waves, the wind in your face, the warm sunshine, the camaraderie of good friends ... these are all compelling catalysts promoting well-being and due appreciation for what summer has to offer in our beautiful area of the state.

Bail considerations: from subjective guesses to math-based formulas

Some of our readers in North Carolina and elsewhere weaned on cop shows and police-station dramas and old enough to remember some of the classics (Dragnet, anyone? Hill Street Blues?) can probably run through a judge's spiel on bail just about as well as, well, a judge.

Does the defendant have ties to the local community that render him -- or sometimes her -- less of a risk to flee? Does the defendant have a steady job? A demonstrated history of alcohol or drug abuse, or violence, perhaps? Is the defendant married? With children?

Marijuana Felony dismissed against Charlotte 94 year old WWII vet

Attorney Chris Connelly was honored to represent Douglas Ponischil in this marijuana felony case and secure a dismissal.  Mr. Ponischil is a 94 yo WWII combat veteran who survived a U Boat attack that left him in the dangerous waters of the Caribbean for several days until rescue.

Burger King for Charleston shooter?

Some negative commentary has been made about the Shelby Police Department's decision to buy a Burger King meal for Roof after his arrest. However, first of all, people in custody HAVE TO BE FED! Regardless the crime, police can not starve a prisoner. Secondly, buying a meal for a prisoner is a valuable law enforcment tool for extracting a confession. The scared & bewildered arrestee now sees the officer as his provider and is much more likley to take them into their confidence and give them a confession. If the $10 BK meal was the leverage to get a confession and seal up this case, it was money well spent. 

Domestic Violence bond conditions extended to dating relationships

For Domestic Violence offenses committed on or after December 1, 2015, a defendant in a dating relationship is now subject to possible 48 hour hold and the requirement that a judge (not a magistrate) set the bond. A dating relationship is defined under NCGS Chapter 50B "as one wherein the parties are romantically involved over time and on a continuous basis during the course of the relationship. A casual acquaintance or ordinary fraternization between persons in a business or social context is not a dating relationship."

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