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Removal from the sex offender registry; there is hope

Those convicted of a sex offense and living under the watchful eye of authorities via the Sex Offender Registry know all too well the repercussions that stem from being on this list. The social stigma and hurdles involved with procuring a job and housing are commonplace.

But there is hope; certain situations qualify an individual from removal from the Sex Offender Registry.

Knowing a little more about eligibility requirements and the process can be a blessing for many people who have paid their dues and become productive members of society.

Attorney, judge disagree over offered defense in DWI/DUI case

The word "egalitarian" just seems to logically arise with great frequency in drunk driving stories.

And it seems to be an especially appropriate in DWI/DUI cases in North Carolina and across the nation when an unusual person is on the receiving end of police scrutiny.

Just how many innocent people might be locked away in prison?

Ultimately, that above-posed question in our blog title for today's post must be defined as a limited and rhetorical query.

And the reason is obvious: Who would know? Who could say with any sense of authority or assurance just how many people in North Carolina and elsewhere across the country have been wrongly convicted of murder, a sex crime, a drug offense or other criminal charge and are now languishing behind bars?

Federal investigator: more mortgage fraud cases in the pipeline

Have you heard of TARP?

Even if you're not formally acquainted with that acronym, the thrust of what the Troubled Asset Relief Program does -- that is, what TARP was set up to accomplish when it was established as a federal program in 2008 -- might be something you're pretty clear about.

What is the overriding focus of a sobriety checkpoint?

In the wee morning hours this past Saturday, one Charlotte locale became the venue for a most pronounced police presence.

That area: the 500 block of East Mallard Creek Church Road, which for a four-hour period was the designated site for a sobriety checkpoint involving more than two dozen officers from local, county and state enforcement agencies.

Here's what North Carolina cops, prosecutors hope you don't think

We'll just curb the suspense regarding any speculation that the above-posed headline might engender and get straight to the point: What law enforcement investigators and officials in North Carolina and everywhere else across the United States hope for in any given case is the meek and continuing acquiescence to questioning of any person they have detained and are interrogating -- without that individual's request for a criminal defense attorney.

Let's just say that individual is you.

Police officer's lies result in scores of DWI cases being tossed

Here's a truism uttered by one North Carolina defense attorney, comprising words that every resident of the state should unquestionably be entitled to believe and rely upon.

That lawyer simply noted recently that "the courts should be a place where justice prevails."

Evolving DNA technology: deeply powerful, notably concerning

Hard-hitting crime dramas have dominated television ratings for decades, with the most popular shows in recent years supplementing action portrayed on the streets of major American cities with goings-on in sophisticated laboratories.

Readers of our North Carolina criminal law blog know exactly what that means: A one-picture-tells-all snapshot of what we're talking about would be the ubiquitous image of a researcher in a white coat hunched over a microscope in a police laboratory poring over DNA evidence.

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