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What is the overriding focus of a sobriety checkpoint?

In the wee morning hours this past Saturday, one Charlotte locale became the venue for a most pronounced police presence.

That area: the 500 block of East Mallard Creek Church Road, which for a four-hour period was the designated site for a sobriety checkpoint involving more than two dozen officers from local, county and state enforcement agencies.

Here's what North Carolina cops, prosecutors hope you don't think

We'll just curb the suspense regarding any speculation that the above-posed headline might engender and get straight to the point: What law enforcement investigators and officials in North Carolina and everywhere else across the United States hope for in any given case is the meek and continuing acquiescence to questioning of any person they have detained and are interrogating -- without that individual's request for a criminal defense attorney.

Let's just say that individual is you.

Police officer's lies result in scores of DWI cases being tossed

Here's a truism uttered by one North Carolina defense attorney, comprising words that every resident of the state should unquestionably be entitled to believe and rely upon.

That lawyer simply noted recently that "the courts should be a place where justice prevails."

Evolving DNA technology: deeply powerful, notably concerning

Hard-hitting crime dramas have dominated television ratings for decades, with the most popular shows in recent years supplementing action portrayed on the streets of major American cities with goings-on in sophisticated laboratories.

Readers of our North Carolina criminal law blog know exactly what that means: A one-picture-tells-all snapshot of what we're talking about would be the ubiquitous image of a researcher in a white coat hunched over a microscope in a police laboratory poring over DNA evidence.

Victims of untested rape kits include the wrongfully accused

Rape kits are obviously on the minds of many government officials, police departments, advocacy organizations and other groups these days, as noted in a recent media article.

Specifically, the USA TODAY points out in the wake of an internal newspaper investigation that rape kits sitting in evidence rooms and elsewhere across the country have been untested in high numbers of cases.

For those who would never question incriminating evidence ...

Let's just finish that above post headline for our readers in North Carolina and elsewhere with the words "maybe you should."

Concerning a matter described in one media outlet as "a major sex trafficking case that allegedly stretched from the Twin Cities to Nashville," the forceful questioning of government evidence is precisely what led to a federal judge tossing out guilty verdicts against three defendants.

A single phone now, but will that remain the case in the future?

Should any of our readers in North Carolina or elsewhere care much about the current Apple-versus-government legal snafu that is playing out regarding the latter's demand that Apple engineers unlock a single smartphone so that investigators can track the phone's history?

We believe that many persons who follow our blog might reasonably care very much about the ongoing spat, which is now before a federal tribunal and might ultimately end up being decided by the United States Supreme Court.

Latest study pokes hole in reliability of police interrogations

Police interrogations have been utilized for decades. One-one-one, intimidating interviews that discourage bathroom breaks or sleep in the hopes of getting suspects to reveal information or confess to a crime.

However, a recent study has seemingly substantiated already widespread skeptical evidence about the unreliability of such techniques.

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