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What you should know about medication side effects and DUIs

When you think about impaired driving and DUI/DWIs in North Carolina, the first thing that may come to your mind is alcohol. However, driving while under the influence of any controlled substance is illegal, so alcohol is not the only substance that could lead to a driving while impaired charge. People who use certain medications can receive DWIs too.

Law enforcement is arresting more people for driving under while under the influence of prescription drugs. Like many others, you may take your medicines as required, not realizing that the side effects put you in the same risk category as a drunk driver. Here is a brief overview of medication side effects and DWIs.

The bloated U.S. prison population is now likely to get bigger

If former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and current AG Jeff Sessions met at a party and were searching for the often-termed "ice breaker" topic to establish a bit of common ground, they'd likely cross mandatory minimum sentencing of the list of potential discussion topics -- and fast.

Many of our readers might know from past select blog posts that Holder is not a fan of that sentencing tool, having long argued that it has too often resulted in warehousing first-time nonviolent offenders -- often persons convicted of various and, arguably, low-level drug crimes -- in prison for inordinately long periods of incarceration.

This is why criminal defense attorneys are serious about their work

We'll cut straight to the point regarding the above headline in today's blog post, with this response: People in North Carolina and across the country are accused by authorities every day of criminal behavior that they did not commit. Or, alternatively, there are extenuating circumstances surrounding their criminal charge.

The bottom line: Criminal suspects need knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense help, and there is sometimes no overstating how badly they need proven assistance to vet state's evidence, argue their case and resolutely push for an optimal result in the matter they are facing.

Opinion: no way reliance on algorithms promotes criminal justice

Although the oft-referenced rationale regarding the increasing use of one criminal justice system tool might be understandable -- and even commendable -- says a commentator in a recent online opinion piece, that doesn't make the growing practice right.

In fact, says criminal justice consultant Jason Tashea in an article penned for the online technology publication Wired, the pervasive use in courts of algorithms that judges use to help inform them on decisions involving bail and sentencing because they save time and help allocate limited resources is wrong.

Can police find criminal evidence on your social media accounts?

Social media is central to communication, social interaction and business promotion today. While these tools can benefit your social life and business success, they can also hurt you if you do not use them correctly.


One stark reason why domestic abuse claims can be problematic

Every reasonable person in North Carolina is disheartened by the sad reality of domestic violence and the trauma it inflicts on children and families. Where family violence exists, it is a legitimate social and legal concern that must be responded to.

Reasonable and duly reflective people know this, too, though: not every claim grounded in abuse is accurate or even remotely true. Sometimes "victims" have agendas (more advantageous family law outcomes, for example) that can be promoted by falsely accusing an individual of abuse.

Like dominoes: one story after another re tainted forensic labs

Here we go again.

It's not as though our Charlotte criminal law blog at the Law Office of Christopher Connelly hasn't duly noted representative stories that seem to arise with numbing frequency regarding material shortcomings discovered in police forensic laboratories.

Can the public get a break? Selling your online info to the police

Although scores of millions of people across the country likely still operate on the Internet without much regard to third-party eyes that might be watching their viewing/posting behavior, most of us know by now that some aspect of Big Brother has long been in play in the online realm.

Put another way: You're being watched -- at least by someone -- or something, e.g., a software tracking program or other surveillance tech tool -- routinely as you surf the Internet erroneously thinking that your privacy is solidly assured.

Ex North Carolina police chief reflective, worried after detention

If you're looking for an individual to criticize the efforts of American customs and border officials in knee-jerk fashion, Hassan Aden is not your guy.

Aden, who is a former North Carolina police chief, quickly points out that he appreciates the work done by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. He readily acknowledges "the difficult and dangerous" nature of their jobs.

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