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Wiretaps: a strong reason why they need to be closely regulated

Ah, yes, wiretaps.

Many of our readers across North Carolina might be quite familiar with this police tool, given its centrality in scores of movies and television shows as a surveillance mainstay enabling law enforcers to secretly hone in on conversations and bring criminals to justice.

Nexus between drugs and food stamps in North Carolina?

What North Carolina criminal authorities deem as the most serious drug offenses -- things like trafficking in heroin, cocaine or opium -- are termed as Class G drug felonies.

Those activities -- as distinguished from something like, say, possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use -- unsurprisingly come with notably harsh consequences, including the virtual certainty of a lengthy prison lockup.

The widely ensnaring effects of DWI/DUI enforcement campaigns:

North Carolina drivers, like motorists in all states across the country, are quite familiar with recurrent traffic campaigns conducted by law enforcement agencies.

State and federal officials obviously put a good deal of thought into conveying the central thrust of such initiatives, often announcing them in a high-profile manner and in a way that makes them memorable and instantly identifiable.

Cries for sentencing reform laudable, sure, but also tardy

It is certainly a notable development that so many "lock them up as a first resort" sentencing hardliners in North Carolina and nationally are now singing an impassioned tune of criminal justice reform.

"[T]oo many people are behind bars that don't belong there" is the recently uttered mantra of a national group of law enforcement officials who are now changing their long-time pro-incarceration stance to a radically altered preference for sentencing alternatives.

Federal criminal sentencing adjustments beginning to be realized

The revised thinking regarding criminal sentencing of many inmates across the country that is now being realized in a broadly bipartisan way on Capitol Hill is beginning to yield practical and real-world effects in some states.

North Carolina is one of them.

Critics line up to challenge DWI/DUI forensic technique

Advocates of something called "retrograde extrapolation" (we'll define that in a moment) are enthralled with it, with one proponent saying that "it's been proven to be reliable."

The counter viewpoint of many critics from coast to coast?

Strong bipartisanship increasingly apparent on sentencing reform

Truly, what gives here?

Reportedly, the inmate population in 1980 in federal prisons across the United States was about 25,000. Today, federal facilities are bloated almost beyond measure, with the number of prisoners housed 35 years ago now having ballooned by eightfold, to more than 200,000.

White-collar crime spotlght: DOJ announces new focus, policy

On the one hand, the Obama administration has secured kudos for the role that federal prosecutors have played in cracking down on mega companies in large-scale white collar criminal and civil cases since the president first took office.

On the other hand, a legion of critics has lambasted the administration -- particularly the U.S. Department of Justice -- for its alleged white-gloves treatment of individual executives at high levels who have escaped liability at the same time that their companies have been punished.

Emerging focus on new Schedule 1 drug: acetyl fentanyl

Regular readers of our North Carolina blog know that state criminal authorities do not take a soft or compromising stance toward individuals who stand before them charged with drug crimes.

In fact, the term "uncompromising" is a far more appropriate and accurate designation for how the state deals with persons alleged to have engaged in any unlawful activity concerning drugs.

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