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Sophisticated phone surveillance: Enter the stingray

If you're the sort of person who respects police officers and law enforcement efforts generally, yet at the same time retains some skepticism regarding the strategies they sometimes employ, you'll certainly be interested -- and likely grow a bit depressed -- by hearing some of the details relevant to one of their favorite investigatory toys.

That would be the so-called "stingray," something that might sound innocuous and sufficiently harmless at first blush.

Kerrick Trial

Some people has expressed "anger" about the Kerrick hung jury and mistrial. However, I see it as the system working at it's best, however imperfect.
The lawyers did their job of presenting and challenging the evidence.
The jurors did their job: listen to the evidence, work towards a verdict with fellow jurors without compromising their beliefs.
The judge did his job in declaring a mistrial when faced with an impasse.
There are many places where the judicial system is far more efficient and results are assured.  Many Second and Third World nations come immediately to mind.  But you would not want to live there.

North Carolina drug bust spotlights state power, resources

Question: How much time, effort and money will North Carolina law enforcement authorities willingly expend on covert surveillance of a state resident and ultimately charging that individual on a single criminal count of possession with the intent to sell and deliver marijuana?

Answer: A lot.

The goal in every DWI case: promoting a client's best interests

An emotionally rending tale regarding a drunk driving conviction and its consequences for one woman in Maryland was recently related in a lengthy DWI-focused story appearing in the New York Times.

We won't pass along all the material details of that tale here, noting instead that we are using the story as a stepping stone to make a couple germane points about DWI/DUI charges. What we will note from the article as a sounding board for further discussion is its comment that "even a supposedly light punishment like probation can severely disrupt a working-class life and weigh heavily on its prospects."

North Carolina DWI: ignition interlocks for all offenders?

Twenty six states now mandate that convicted drunk drivers install ignition interlock devices (IIDs) on their vehicles, even after a first drunk driving-related offense.

North Carolina is not one of those states -- yet.

President Obama focused strongly on criminal sentencing reforms

Presidents are busy people, of course, with President Barack Obama underscoring that fact in a big way last week.

Notably, much of the president's focus was on a single topic, namely, the country's criminal justice system.

Having experienced legal counsel on board important at pre-charge stage, too

If you're of a certain age, you can likely conjure up the names of many cop-related television shows where much of the action takes place in a dimly lit room in the rear of the police precinct. It is there that an individual sits, back against the wall, while a cadre of detectives aggressively fish for as much information as they can before a defense attorney enters the room.

Such shows often portray the moments before any criminal charges have been filed in a manner that liberally mixes reality with fiction.

Boating while impaired: considerations, the need for legal counsel

If you're a Mecklenburg County resident with a boat, we understand that almost primal urge to get out on the area waterways this time of year and just utterly relax.

The lapping waves, the wind in your face, the warm sunshine, the camaraderie of good friends ... these are all compelling catalysts promoting well-being and due appreciation for what summer has to offer in our beautiful area of the state.

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