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Pornography case spotlights link between Best Buy and the FBI

It is certainly well understood by most people that going online to view or download illegal pornography is a high-risk activity. The potential consequences of that can be flatly draconian for an individual in North Carolina or elsewhere whose computer is seized by criminal authorities.

Child pornography is the focal point of state, federal and global efforts undertaken by task forces intent on identifying and prosecuting illegal activity, with media accounts routinely revealing the sophisticated techniques employed by law enforcers and the vast amount of resources allocated for their efforts.

How long does someone have to report an alleged rape?

In North Carolina, as well as in 15 other states, felonies have no statute of limitations, meaning that someone can report a rape that he or she says occurred decades ago. By and large, this lack of restriction is friendly to victims and can be a good thing.

College sex assault guidelines prominently called into question

Here's a question that is sure to elicit passionate arguments across a wide spectrum of opinions among people paying close attention to the handling of sex-based complaints on American college campuses: Is guidance issued to campus officials regarding procedures to follow when investigating alleged instances of rape and other criminal sexual conduct fair or decidedly stacked against those who are accused?

The answer to that question is heavily determinant upon who is being asked for a response.

Judges: criminal sentencing must be tempered by equity

If you became aware as a college student that a visitor walked inside a campus building and unlawfully extracted $44 worth of quarters from a vending machine, you'd think that such person would merit a bit of punishment, right?

How does 12 years in a state penitentiary sound?

How DUI charges or convictions can affect an adult's life

When you are charged or convicted with DUI, your life stands to change in a wide variety of ways, some expected, others unexpected. So you can prepare better, here is a look at what has happened to many people in these situations.

What is entailed in a North Carolina 50-B Protective Order?

Acronyms and numerical designations applicable to some areas can sometimes seem innocuous, rendering their subject matter distant and without immediate implications.

Take the short term "50-B Order," for example. Facially, it gives hint of, well, nothing.

Almost ludicrous: Can something like this really happen in America?

Gale Griffin has long had a strong attraction for baking soda.

And, actually, so do millions of other people. There are myriad reasons for the product's longstanding popularity. You can cook with it. It cleans soiled carpets. Heck, legions of people brush their teeth with it. And it's cheap.

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