Is Driving while Impaired the same as Driving Under the Influence or Drunk Driving?

North Carolina law uses the term "Driving while Impaired" but the other terms are used colloquially and understood to be synonymous with Driving Wh i le Impaired.

Is "suspension" the same as "revocation?"

Yes, they are used interchangeably and have the same legal effect

What happens if I am convicted of DWI in North Carolina and I have a driver's license from another state?

NCDMV is supposed to report your conviction to your home state and they will do whatever is required under their laws. You will still be deemed revoked in North Carolina and may need an LDP for any driving in NC.

What if I never had any license?

You be deemed "revoked" rather than just unlicensed (from the "frying pan to the fire")

What if I am convicted of DWI but my license is already suspended for something else

The DWI conviction is will be an additional revocation

What if I do not complete the requirements of my DWI CONVICTION?

The judge may hold you in violation of the conditions of your sentence AND North Carolina DMV may not reinstate your license after your period of revocation

What happens if I blew over a 15 BAC and I do not get the Ignition Interlock LDP?

If you want to ride it out for the one year without an Ignition interlock LDP, you will have to have it installed as a condition of any eventual reinstatement of your NC Driver's License after your period of suspension.

What if someone else has to use my car that has the Ignition Interlock installed on it?

They have to blow into it also. The Ignition Interlock does not distinguish between you and anyone else. If they have alcohol in their system, the Ignition Interlock may report it as if it is yours.

What happens if I want to use someone else's car while I am revoked for DWI?

Any car you drive and any driving that you do anywhere must comply with your LDP. That includes an Ignition Interlock if that is one of the requirements

Can I rent a car with a DWI LDP?

Some rental car companies may allow this, but not many. But any car you drive and any driving that you do anywhere must comply with your LDP. That includes an Ignition Interlock if that is one of the requirements

What happens if the Ignition Interlock reports that I have alcohol in my system while I am operating or even just trying to start my car?

DMV may be notified and your LDP may get revoked

Can I drive my boss' vehicle if it does not have an Ignition Interlock?

There are some provisions that may allow you to use a work vehicle without an Ignition Interlock

What is needed to get a DWI LDP issued?

The law is very strict about what is needed. You will need insurance information, assessment information and job information, plus filing fees.

How does a DWI Limited Driving Privilege (LDP) differ from a DWI Limited Driving Privilege with an Ignition Interlock?

The regular LDP has generous hours for maintaining home, work, school, worship, rehabilitation and other obligations. It can be effective as soon as you are convicted.

That Ignition Interlock LDP may be issued only after a 45 day waiting period (that means no driving) and is only valid for driving back and forth to work.

Can I go to inpatient rehab instead of jail?

The Judge may give you Credit for Inpatient Alcohol or Drug Treatment against any active jail time. In other words, you may be able to serve some of your jail sentence at an inpatient rehab instead.