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Sex offenses in North Carolina include a broad spectrum of violations, including those defined under antiquated, yet still enforced, laws concerning "crimes against nature" (CAN). Using an incredibly broad interpretation of the CAN law, authorities aggressively engage in sting operations that can end up targeting members of the gay or bisexual community, as well as locations known for public, and sometimes private, sexual activities.

Sex offenses are serious matters. Do not compromise your rights and reputation. If you face any type of sexual-based criminal charges, contact us at the Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly in Charlotte to arrange a consultation with our skilled criminal law attorney.

Experienced Representation For Crimes Against Nature Charges

Defined by antiquated statutes as soliciting or attempting to engage in "sexual intercourse contrary to the order of nature," North Carolina crimes against nature laws can criminalize a wide range of sex acts, including oral sex and anal intercourse.

Often, many other sexual offenses such as indecent exposure or public masturbation may be caught up in the dragnet.

Most of these offenses are misdemeanors, and some are even felonies, and these sex offenses can result in severe consequences such as jail, fines, probation and the loss of your reputation.

Talk To A North Carolina Sex Offense Defense Attorney

If you are convicted of a sex offenses, you also risk required registration as a sex offender, a collateral consequence that can follow you for the rest of your life. Attorney Chris Connelly has the experience to defend your freedom and good name against conviction for crimes against nature and other sex offenses. He personally manages your case and will use every resource at his disposal to try to negotiate a reduction or dismissal of your case.

(Note that we may associate an attorney in another firm to assist with some cases. We also, of course, employ capable support staff who handle various administrative aspects of cases.)

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We are proud to represent both LGBTQ and straight clients and have done so for decades. Get the legal representation you need and deserve. Contact our Mecklenburg County sex crimes defense lawyer online, or call 704-376-9376 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.

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