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Transportation to work or school, caring for your family—revocation or suspension of your drivers' license will have a serious impact on your life. If you are a professional truck driver or bus driver, loss of your CDL (commercial drivers' license) will mean you may not be able to work or get a job, even when your license is reinstated.

At the Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly in Charlotte, attorney Chris Connelly provides effective and efficient representation to clients who are at risk of having their drivers' licenses revoked or suspended.

If you were arrested for DWI or a major traffic violation, do not risk having your drivers' license revoked. Contact our Charlotte office and arrange a consultation with a lawyer.

There may be no reason to lose your license at all. Mr. Connelly will work to have charges reduced or dropped, if possible. If your drivers' license has already been revoked or suspended, he may be able to get limited or full driving privileges reinstated, and work to do so as soon as possible. This can be done through a "Motion for Appropriate Relief" where your cases are re-opened and re-negotiated to get your license re-instated. Or it can be done through a Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing where he can advocate for the re-instatement of your license. Also, drivers revoked/suspended for Habitual DWI/DUI can petition for a Limited Driving Privilege under certain circumstances.

For more detailed information about North Carolina traffic laws, see the following:

Effective for offenses committed on or after January 1, 2012 a new statute provides for a civil revocation of a limited learner's permit or provisional license of a person under age 18 if the person is charged with a "criminal moving violation" as defined in that statute. An example of this could be a Speeding more than 15 miles over the limit or in excess of 80 MPH. This new statute appears to require the officer to arrest the young motorist and bring them before the magistrate who may immediately revoke their privilege.

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