Noteworthy Cases

"These cases are illustrative of those matters handled by the firm, but do not represent all of the cases the firm has handled. Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome."

Defendant charged with Domestic Violence after allegation by spouse who was a foreign national. Evidence produced by counsel showing that victim spouse may have contacted authorities to determine advantages in their own immigration case to bringing charges against defendant spouse. Victim spouse also waited extended period of time to bring charge. Case dismissed. Victim spouse then brought second charge against defendant spouse alleging violation of court order. Counsel able to show that communication was innocuous and reasonably related to household issues.

Foreign national charged with drug trafficking and facing multiple years in prison and deportation. Case dismissed on eve of trial after evidence demonstrated defendant not in location of drugs and no strong connection between defendant and location.

DWI case dismissed after hearing wherein it was shown that Notary Public had not properly executed police officer's affidavit and therefore Magistrate may not have had adequate evidence to justify holding defendant.

Foreign born US citizen charged with DWI held several days in jail because jailer refused to verify US citizenship and allow release. Case dismissed, citing State vs. Knoll.

Husband charged with Domestic Violence upon allegation of wife. Cross examination at trial demonstrated wife had fabricated employment history on resume. Not Guilty verdict.

Husband charged with domestic violence crime by wife. Wife also brought Order of Protection against husband. Cross examination of wife using documentary evidence and witnesses revealed many inconsistencies such that court observed it was the worst case of lying that the judge had ever heard and Order to Show Cause why wife should not be held in contempt was issued against wife. Both Restraining Order and criminal case dismissed.

Bank executive charged with DWI. Evidence showed that defendant performed capably on Field Sobriety Tests in spite of physical limitations and blew a low reading on instrument. Case dismissed.

Student charged with DWI. Evidence showed that defendant performed Field Sobriety Tests adequately in spite of adverse weather and clothing conditions. Officer testified that defendant stopped for speeding and speeding was alleged to be some evidence of impairment. However, review of officer's dash cam video showed that officer himself was speeding as he transported defendant to jail. Not Guilty verdict.

Defendant with prior DWI charged with subsequent DWI and facing mandatory jail and license suspension if convicted. Negotiations showed that law enforcement had questionable recollection of incident and defendant was then allowed to plead to lesser offense of Reckless Driving, receiving neither jail nor license suspension.