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North Carolina Girl Scout fraud allegations leads to arrest

Most people in North Carolina and across the country are aware of the cookie-selling fundraisers that Girl Scout troops undertake. Many people may not realize the effort -- from those other than the scouts and the parents -- that goes into making such a drive a success. Unfortunately, a woman was recently arrested after fraud allegations connected with the fundraiser were made.

Investigators reportedly received a report of fraud from the Girl Scouts Peak to Piedmont in late August. As a result, officials initiated an investigation into "misuse of funds" connected to the cookie fundraiser in 2018 for Troop 2819. Through the investigation, detectives are said to have identified a 43-year-old woman as the "cookie manager" for the troop.

Drunk driving suspected in fatal North Carolina crash

Anyone who has driven on an interstate has likely experienced a moment of drifting slightly off the roadway onto the shoulder. Most instances are relatively harmless, and the driver is able to navigate back onto the correct lane. However, if there happens to be a vehicle on the shoulder, the consequences could be devastating. Unfortunately, a life was recently lost in a North Carolina collision, and police suspect that drunk driving was a factor.

The incident happened on a day in late November. According to reports, two sports utility vehicle were stopped on the shoulder of the road, and someone was changing a tire on one of them. Unfortunately, police say that the driver of a third vehicle drove onto the shoulder, striking one of the SUVs and pushing it into the other.

4 reasons to consider an expunction

The further you move away from your conviction, the easier it is to forget. Of course, if you have a misdemeanor or felony in your past, your criminal record may haunt you forever. Fortunately, there may be a way to effectively remove arrests or convictions from your North Carolina record. 

While obtaining one can be tough, an expunction may wipe out all or part of your criminal record. If your criminal history occurred in North Carolina, a new law may allow you to seek an expunction without waiting for a significant amount of time to pass. Here are four reasons you may want to pursue an expunction

North Carolina couple arrested in domestic violence incident

There is no doubt that people who live together can experience conflict, especially if those people are involved in a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, some people may ultimately feel that their life is at risk if the conflict becomes violent, prompting them to react in a way to protect themselves. Despite this, two people in North Carolina have recently been arrested and charged in what reports describe as a domestic violence incident.

The arrest involves a 25-year-old former North Carolina State tennis player, who is originally from another country, and her 22-year-old boyfriend. The incident that led to their arrest allegedly happened during the evening hours of a day in mid-November. It is unclear who requested police intervention or what caused the conflict between the pair.

Man accused of drunk driving following North Carolina crash

People often react to potential conflict in unexpected ways. Some may face it head on, but for others it may be instinctual to try to avoid it. Unfortunately, police in North Carolina believe that a man who they claim was drunk driving was attempting to flee after an officer attempted a traffic stop.

The incident that led to the man's arrest happened during the early morning hours of a day in mid-November. According to reports, a police officer noticed a vehicle that he suspected was being driven by an impaired driver; it is unclear what led him to this suspicion. The officer claims that the driver failed to pull over when a stop was initiated.

Man, woman in North Carolina face multiple drug charges

While most people realize that they have certain rights, they may not fully understand those rights. For example, they are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. While the recent arrest of a man and woman in North Carolina followed a search that was conducted with a warrant, it is unclear what evidence supported that warrant. Unfortunately, the pair now face drug charges.

The search that led to their arrest happened on a day in November. According to police reports, they had received complaints that drugs were possibly being sold from the apartment. Police say that were able to gather evidence and obtain a search warrant -- though the details of the complaints and what evidence was gathered is unclear.

Defending employee theft charges in North Carolina

Depending on the workplace, an employee could have a variety of different job responsibilities, including managing inventory or writing checks. If appropriate procedures are not in place, an employee in North Carolina could easily find him- or herself facing accusations of employee theft. Fortunately, the Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly is ready to help those facing such accusations.

A conviction of a charge of employee theft could have lifelong ramifications for a person. A conviction stays on a person's record for the rest of his or her life. If background checks are conducted for future employment, a previous conviction for theft from an employer could prevent a job offer.

How to avoid a DUI this holiday season

Numerous people travel to North Carolina every year for the holidays to see family and partake in some of the wonderful events around the state. Some of the events to see include Speedway Motor Christmas in Charlotte and Chetola's Festival of Lights. 

No matter what plans you have, you do not want to ruin this special time of year with a DUI. It is normal to drink at family get-togethers and events, but even if you only drank a little bit, then you need to avoid getting behind the wheel. North Carolina utilizes DUI checkpoints to catch drunk drivers, so you do not want to get on the road at all. 

2 in North Carolina face drug charges

Most people in North Carolina and across the country have a vague awareness that they have certain rights as laid out in the U.S. Constitution. However, without legal training, it may be difficult for them to fully understand these rights and recognize a potential violation. Unfortunately, the details of what led to the recent arrest of three people on drug charges are unclear.

Police say that they arrested the three people on multiple charges. A 28-year-old man and a 45-year-old man face charges of felony possession of methamphetamine. A 26-year-old woman is charged with possession of a Schedule IV substance. All three are accused of possession of homemade liquor.

2 men charged with larceny, other crimes in North Carolina

When a crime occurs -- especially when there appears to be a series of connected crimes -- there is often a public outcry with a demand for answers and an arrest. While community concern and a subsequent desire for an arrest is understandable, there must be sufficient evidence to prove that someone is guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, it is unclear what evidence supports the larceny and other charges that two men face in North Carolina.

Their arrest followed a call to police on a day in mid-October. The caller reported a break-in in progress and said that he witnessed two people running from a building, apparently owned by the caller, into the woods. With the use of K-9s, police eventually arrested two men, a 20-year-old and a 34-year-old.

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