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Helping a loved one through a DWI

It can feel devastating to learn that a friend or family member is facing criminal charges for drunk driving. While you may initially feel some anger or disappointment, your main goal is to help your loved one recover. It can be difficult to know exactly what to do or say in a situation like this.

Thankfully, the person you love can get through this trial. Here are some ideas for how you can help someone you love deal with a DUI arrest.

Moving company employees charged with fraud, conspiracy

What charges can employees face for participating in fraudulent business practices? Twelve workers are learning the answer to this question after being accused of lying to customers, creating fake reviews and charging customers more than the agreed upon price. This alleged fraud occurred in connection with moving companies that operated in multiple states, including North Carolina.

The workers are accused of lying about key details regarding their business, including the number of years in operation, past reviews and prices. They allegedly provided competitive pricing at first, then increased the cost after loading the truck. This is a violation of federal regulations, which requires a binding estimate to not increase after loading a customer's items.

Day care center the site of arrests for drug crimes

When people think of a drug investigation, children's day care is not usually the first location that comes to mind. However, a day care recently ended up at the center of a North Carolina drug bust. According to reports, authorities seized over 100 pounds of marijuana and arrested two people for drug crimes at a Fayetteville child care center. The city also saw a second drug-related arrest the next day.

The bust was executed by the Fayetteville Police Department's Gang Unit. The location in question was a residential property where a child care center was also operated. The police waited until the child care center's operations had ended for the day before executing the warrant, so no children were present for the search.

Drug charges filed against former detention officer

A former officer at a North Carolina detention center is accused of smuggling drugs into the facility where he once worked. Among the drug charges he faces is at least one count of conspiring to deliver marijuana. He was fired as soon as the allegations came to light.

The man was hired in Feb. 2018, and officials launched an investigation into the officer's behavior in June. It is not clear if they were tipped off to the possibility that the 32-year-old man's alleged behavior or if something else raised their suspicions. The investigation continued until early July, when officials conducted a search of the detention center as well as the officer's vehicle and home.

Five arrested for drunk driving July Fourth in Cleveland County

According to a survey from, the Fourth of July is the biggest beer-drinking holiday in the United States. Police were out in full force in many parts of North Carolina to address drunk driving during this year's festivities. In Cleveland County, five people were arrested on July 4, 2018, after allegedly driving under the influence.

One of the people arrested was a 20-year-old, meaning he faced charges for driving after consuming under 21 as well as DWI. He was arrested after blowing a 0.04 and telling police he had taken Clonazepam. In North Carolina, a driver is considered impaired after blowing over 0.08 or being considered too impaired to drive by authorities. People under 21 cannot drink at all before operating a vehicle.

3 things you should know about NC open container laws

Many people assume that as long as they are not intoxicated, they will not get into any trouble getting behind the wheel. This is not necessarily true, though. Even if you are completely sober, if you happen to have an open container of alcohol in your vehicle, a law enforcement officer may issue you a ticket or even arrest you. North Carolina enforces strict open container laws.

Keep the following three facts in mind when it comes to the liability of an open container. 

Understanding drunk driving laws in North Carolina

Most people know generally that it is illegal to drive under the influence, but the specifics of state laws related to drunk driving are less well-known. It is a good idea for individuals in North Carolina to understand what constitutes drunk driving in the state. They should also understand the penalties they may face if they are convicted of a DWI.

In North Carolina, it is illegal for anyone who has a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher to drive. Drivers may also be charged if a police officer decides they are noticeably impaired. Additionally, BAC must be under .04 percent while driving a commercial vehicle. Further, North Carolina is a zero tolerance state when it comes to drinking and driving for anyone under the age of 21.

Woman on probation for sex charges allowed vacation

Multiple factors impact probationary restrictions, including an accused person's history, financial situation and alleged crimes. While many people awaiting trial on crimes in North Carolina are not allowed to travel out of state, one woman accused of statutory sex offenses has been given permission to travel to Florida over the summer. The decision comes after a plea deal for sex charges involving a former student.

The woman was charged on multiple counts in Aug. 2017. This included two counts of statutory rape and four counts each of statutory sex offense and indecent liberties with a minor. The charges came after a 22-year-old man accused his former teacher of engaging in a relationship with him when he was 14 and 15 years old.

Investigators of drug crimes may get instant access to database

The rise in prescription drug abuse has caused lawmakers across the United States to take action. In North Carolina, state legislators recently passed a bill that would give law enforcement personnel access to prescription drug records without a warrant. If approved by the governor, the bill could mean an increase in charges related drug crimes, fraud and prescription drug abuse.

Currently investigators require a warrant to access the Controlled Substance Reporting System, a database that tracks the drugs doctors have prescribed. The database contains information about the medications prescribed as well as the amounts. Opponents of the new law say that this unfettered access to medical records could encroach on people's privacy. Supporters say that, while privacy is a concern, steps need to be taken to tackle opioid abuse.

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