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23-year-old from Iron Station accused of making fake cash

Police recently arrested a North Carolina man on allegations of producing counterfeit money. Authorities have accused the young man of a number of crimes, including forgery of bank notes, possession of stolen goods and possession of counterfeit money. At the time of a local news report, he was being held in jail under a $30,000 bond.

Detectives with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office reportedly arrested the 23-year-old from Iron Station on March 6. After executing a search warrant on his home, the police claim to have found $1,120 in fake bills. That amount was said to have been made up of $100 and $20 notes. It wasn't made clear in the news report what probable cause the police had for searching the man's home.

The police also claim to know how the bills were made. Supposedly, some of the fake money was produced simply by placing a higher denomination on lower denomination bills.

The stolen property charge relates to two handguns that police say they found during a search of the 23-year-old's residence.

The young man is also up against a couple of other allegations, since the police say they found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the home. It wasn't clear in a news report whether the man ever indicated that the drugs or paraphernalia actually belonged to him.

For just about anyone, facing criminal charges can be an intimidating situation. If convicted of all the charges against him, the young man in this case could face a substantial amount of time in prison. That is why it is important that he consider the presentation of a strong and meaningful defense that ensures not only that his rights are maintained in court but also that the circumstances of his arrest are carefully analyzed.

Police officers have an obligation to conduct an arrest and subsequent investigation in accordance with procedures clearly defined in federal and state laws. When officers fail to adhere to those procedures, that failure could be grounds for the reduction or even dismissal of charges.

Source: The Charlotte Observer, "Lincoln Co. man faces counterfeit money charges," Meghan Cooke, March 7, 2012

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