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7 people receive DWI charges at Charlotte checkpoint

Law enforcement agencies in North Carolina go through spells of what they call "cracking down" on drunk drivers, and setting up checkpoints on the roadways is one way police officers try to increase DWI arrests.

As readers in the Charlotte area may know, a conviction on a DWI charge can carry serious consequences. Individuals can be fined, lose their driver's license and even face jail time. For people who find themselves charged with drunk driving, it is important to ensure that all of the rights of the accused are upheld in court.

Seven people are likely considering such matters after receiving DWI charges on the night of Feb. 24 and the morning of Feb. 25. For four hours that night, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police set up a checkpoint at Monroe Road in southeast Charlotte. The checkpoint was played out in conjunction with assorted law enforcement groups, including the North Carolina Highway Patrol and the Mecklenburg County ABC Law Enforcement.

A number of charges and citations were filed in connection with the checkpoint, including 13 driving with a revoked license tickets and two drug charges. The accused individuals in all of these cases will likely seek legal assistance in considering the circumstances of the charges against them. After all, even at a police checkpoint, officers do make mistakes in the way an arrest is conducted.

Additionally, North Carolina residents who are accused of DWI should keep in mind that blood-alcohol tests are not foolproof, and testing devices too often give inaccurate readings. There may be other factors, as well, that could result in a dismissal or significant reduction of charges.

Source: Charlotte Observer, "7 DWI charges at Monroe Rd. checkpoint," Steve Lyttle, Feb. 25, 2012

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