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North Carolina teen accused of transporting 100 pounds of pot

As any North Carolina resident knows, teenagers make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes can be very serious and lead to criminal charges, but a teenager should not necessarily suffer the rest of his or her life for a youthful crime. With that mind, readers in the Charlotte area may want to consider the drug charges recently filed against a 17-year-old boy.

On April 19, during what police have called a "routine traffic stop," officers in North Carolina allegedly discovered 100 pounds of marijuana inside a vehicle driven by the youth. According to a local news report, the total street value of the marijuana is estimated at $240,000. The boy is now facing drug charges and is being held under a $100,000 bond.

As with all drug charges, important questions need to be asked with regard to the arrest. First, before police are able to search a vehicle, they need probable cause. In this case, authorities say that the actions of a police dog gave them cause to search the vehicle. But whether or not the traffic stop itself was justified may be another issue that deserves consideration during court proceedings. If the search and seizure is shown to be unwarranted, then any evidence seized as a fruit of that search, including the drugs, would likely be inadmissible.

Moreover, it seems incongruous that a 17-year-old boy would transport 100 pounds of marijuana on his own accord. If the allegations in this case are true, then he may have been coerced by someone else into doing the deed. While transporting the drugs would still be a crime, it is a far different crime than if he had transported them on his own. Still, no matter the circumstances of the allegations, a solid criminal defense will seek to mitigate the severe consequences this teenager could now face.

Source: The Charlotte Observer, "Police: 100 pounds of pot found in car," April 20, 2012

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my father has been transporting people all his life by bus or car and i rarely see him i liked reading this article cause it gave me a positive view of transporting.

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