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Charlotte jewelry store robbery caught on tape

There is no denying that sometimes police investigators gather serious evidence against accused individuals. While not always indicative of guilt, surveillance video can be one particularly effective tool for prosecutors in their efforts to obtain a conviction. But because these videos are often shot from odd angles and have a blurred or grainy quality, they can present problems for correctly identifying a person who may have committed a crime.

A recent jewelry theft in Charlotte may present such a problem as police try to identify the suspect. According to police, the video has been released to the public in an effort to gather more information that might lead to an arrest.

In the video, the suspect is shown wearing a Day-Glo orange vest and a hat that conceals his face. The owner of the jewelry store said the suspect entered without saying a word and then pepper-sprayed the owner and his son. A fight ensued between the suspect and the son, who at one point tried to retaliate by holding up a gun.

The suspect apparently took the gun away from the son and threw it on the floor before exiting the premises.

The video shows the suspect pulling jewelry from a case and placing the jewelry in a bag. A local news report did not indicate the estimated value of the merchandise, though such a value would certainly have a bearing on the kind of charges filed against the suspect should he be arrested.

Even when police have video evidence of the commission of a crime, sometimes there is still a chance that the person who is eventually arrested is not the guilty party. In cases such as this recent one in Charlotte, the fact that the suspect's face is concealed may make it difficult to identify him. A strong criminal defense will seek to make prosecutors show beyond a reasonable doubt that the police have in fact arrested the right person.

Source: WCNC, "Surveillance video captures violent jewelry store robbery," May 18, 2012

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