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17-year-old in Gaston County publicly admits to drunk driving

A teenager recently admitted to driving while impaired after her vehicle crashed into a North Carolina home. The 17-year-old says she skipped her classes at Gaston College and spent time drinking with her friends at a residence close to the school. She and a 19-year-old friend were on their way back to school when the car veered off Puetts Chapel Road, apparently going about 75 miles per hour.

Later, at a local hospital, the 17-year-old apparently apologized to state troopers before being arrested and charged with underage drinking. She also admitted numerous times on television to driving under the influence.

This recent incident marks the second time the girl has faced a charge of underage drinking. She says her car accident should serve as a lesson to those who drink and drive, especially people who are underage.

The man whose house was damaged has moved out of his home while it is being repaired. He is currently awaiting confirmation from the teenager's insurance company to see if it will help cover some the costs of repairing his home.

This case relates to the challenges faced by many people who have been charged with DWI in North Carolina. For example, although this young woman has made statements to the effect she was driving under the influence, she will still have the right to address the charges against her in court. While it is advisable in many cases to exercise one's right to remain silent and to seek counsel from an attorney, sometimes defendants make regrettable statements.

Still, police have been known to obtain such statements improperly, and that impropriety should be recognized in defending the rights of the accused. A DWI conviction can have serious consequences, and to protect their freedom, Charlotte residents should take the necessary legal steps and prepare an aggressive criminal defense.

Source:, "Teen admits driving drunk was precursor to accident that destroyed home," Ken Lemon, June 2, 2012

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