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2 suspects videoed but not identified in Mint Hill robbery

Earlier this month, an armed robbery reportedly took place in the middle of the day in a busy shopping center. The owner of a Charlotte-area jewelry store told police that he was caught off guard when two men entered his store, held a gun to his face and demanded that he give them cash. He also claims that he was beaten during the alleged robbery, which has caused concern in the area about an increase in both property crime and crimes involving violence.

The incident is surprising, considering that the shopping center that houses the jewelry store is also home to a Mint Hill police substation. Police say that the owner of the shopping center allows the city to use the location free of charge, but that city resources are insufficient to staff the location around the clock. It is unclear whether the substation was staffed at the time of the incident.

The robbery was captured on video via a surveillance system installed within the jewelry store. Police have also reviewed surveillance tapes from a grocery store near the robbery scene. The tapes show two individuals who appear to be the same two men who were videoed inside the jewelry store.. No arrests have been made regarding the incident, nor has there been any indication that authorities are aware of the identity of the individuals they believe were involved.

This incident is the second violent crime reported to have taken place in this shopping center in the past three months. In the other case, a woman was injured when a man grabbed her purse. Police have arrested a suspect in that case. Charlotte-area residents and business owners are concerned about what appears to be a recent spike in property crime in the Mint Hill area. Nevertheless, it is hoped that anyone apprehended for these alleged crimes will be accorded the same rights that apply to all individuals in our state who are accused of a criminal act.

Source:, "Mint Hill police investigate jewelry store robbery," June 11, 2012

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