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Charlotte woman crashes car into lake, faces DUI charge

A Charlotte woman is lucky to be alive after a recent accident that sent her car into Lake Wylie. The accident occurred on the afternoon of July 2. Although she did not appear to sustain any physical injury from the crash, she is now facing a charge of driving under the influence.

Deputies believe the woman was intoxicated at the time of the accident. Her vehicle struck a curb, jumped over it and hit a wooden post. After crashing into the post, the car landed in the lake. Two deputies happened to be patrolling the area at the time, and they saw the crash. Both deputies reportedly jumped into Lake Wylie to rescue the woman.

After the accident, she was charged with driving under the influence, although there was no word on whether a field sobriety test was given or whether police administered a breath test. It is certainly not inconceivable that a crash into a lake would make a person disoriented to the point of seeming drunk when in fact that wasn't the case. Still, the woman will now have to put forth a defense against the DUI allegations.

DUI charges are serious and can potentially result in jail time and fines upon conviction. Details surrounding this story are a bit sketchy, but prosecutors are still likely to pursue a conviction. In any DUI case, it is important for North Carolina residents to remember that field sobriety tests and Breathalyzers are not always reliable, meaning their results can be challenged in court. Like any other individual accused of a crime, the accused woman in this case is regarded as innocent unless and until proven guilty, and she will have her own opportunity to challenge the prosecution's evidence.

Source:, "Woman charged with DUI after car crashes into Lake Wylie," July 3, 2012

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