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North Carolina woman faces criminal charges after death of son

Most North Carolina parents know that not watching their children closely can result in tragic circumstances. One woman is experiencing this after a fatal accident in North Carolina recently. She is now facing criminal charges after an accident at Lake Hickory took the life of her 5-year-old son.

Police allege the little boy drowned in the lake after wandering away from a family barbecue close to the Dixie Boat Club. There are no details relating to how long the boy was gone, but his body was later found in only a few feet of water. Attempts by two people to resuscitate the young boy by CPR were unsuccessful.

The mother has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after the accident. Law enforcement personnel believe the woman may have been intoxicated at the time the tragedy occurred. There are no reports about whether the woman underwent any type of Breathalyzer or toxicology tests.

Sometimes terrible things can happen that are merely accidents. Every parent's worst nightmare can be the loss of a child. Looking away for mere moments can result in panic stricken moments wondering where one's child is.

For most North Carolina parents, those worries are unfounded. Yet sometimes children wander off and find themselves in tragic circumstances. This woman is already suffering from the loss of her child, but the question has now been raised as to whether her actions were actually criminal. Tragedies like this unfortunately happen, no matter how hard parents try to prevent them. This woman likely has an uphill legal battle ahead of her but will have the right to present a relevant defense to the criminal charges if the case moves forward through the criminal justice system. This sad case may be attributable to a tragic human error that resulted in a life taken too soon, though that may depend on a careful review of all the relevant facts and circumstances that are proven in a court of law.

Source:, "Mother charged after son drowns in Lake Hickory, police say," July 18, 2012

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