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North Carolina animal owners facing criminal charges

Several dozen animals were confiscated from what authorities believe may be a North Carolina puppy mill. Reports do not detail how law enforcement received word of this alleged operation, and it is important to note that there has been no indication of any injured animals. Also, none of the animals removed had to be put to sleep. Nonetheless, it is likely the animal owners will face criminal charges.

Rescue crews took 57 dogs out of a Brunswick County trailer and took them to Charlotte. National organizations were contacted to assist in the rescue operation. Crews involved stated they were shocked to find over 100 dogs inside of a trailer that had no electricity. Authorities allege the animals were housed inside stacked cages and that there was garbage throughout the trailer.

A representative for the Humane Society stated that the poor conditions were exacerbated by the small size of the trailer. That organization has stepped in to become a resource for the animals and is now accepting donations and supplies in order to help with the animal's care. The owners of the animals have been arrested. Criminal charges are expected in this matter.

Occasionally, incidents occur when people's homes are raided for an excess of animals. However, many times those people are not involved in criminal activity, but may become overwhelmed with the number of animals they are trying to care for. The owners of all of these animals will likely face criminal charges, but they may not be guilty of running a puppy mill. As such, they would do well to understand their legal rights in such a matter so they can present a relevant criminal defense. Doing so could only help them as they address these charges in a North Carolina court.

Source:, "Owners of suspected puppy mill could face charges," Aug. 4, 2012

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