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North Carolina mother facing criminal charges after tub incident

One of a parent's most difficult jobs is keeping their children safe. Even a moment of inattention can result in tragic circumstances for both mother and child. A North Carolina mother is currently facing criminal charges after her infant almost drowned in a bath tub.

Paramedics responded to distress call from a Charlotte apartment complex and reportedly transported one individual to a local hospital. The patient is reported to have sustained life-threatening injuries. Officers report that an infant was found inside of a bath tub. The mother had apparently been giving the baby a bath and stepped away from the tub to cook. When she returned to the bathroom, she alleges she noticed the baby in distress.

The woman's neighbors reported seeing the crying baby being taken out of the building. The child is expected to survive the accident. However, the mother is now facing criminal charges of child neglect. The North Carolina Department of Social Services has stepped in and is also investigating the incident.

Mothers can be overwhelmed with day-to-day activities that cause them to juggle several activities at once. Now this mother is facing criminal charges for the decision that she allegedly made in caring for her child. It is important to keep in mind that a determination of whether her actions are criminal depends upon the circumstances surrounding this incident and whether there is more to the story than initially reported. Every parent knows how difficult it can be to keep up with the constant pressures of work and home life. It appears that attempting to do too many things at once almost came at a very high cost for this North Carolina mother.

Source:, "Mother of infant that nearly drowned in tub charged with neglect," Aug. 20, 2012

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