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North Carolina soccer coach facing criminal charges

A North Carolina soccer coach has been accused of inappropriate sexual contact. The accusations surfaced in July after a man claimed he was touched inappropriately by the coach in the 1980's when he was a child. Since then, two more people have come forward with claims of inappropriate conduct. He is now facing criminal charges in the matter and has been arrested. His bond is set at $400,000.

The man worked as a dedicated and well-known college soccer coach for about 7 years until he resigned in 1990, citing personal reasons. However, prosecutors claim the man left because he was confronted with claims of abuse. The accused is respected within the soccer community and was recently working with another soccer club prior to these accusations. After his arrest, though, he was suspended by the state's Youth Soccer Association.

One of the man's accusers was the son of a college employee. The other newest accuser had apparently attended one of the college campus soccer games over 20 years ago and asserted the coach was providing massages that were inappropriate. The man's lawyer has refuted these claims, stating the coach could heal athletes with the massages and his ability was well known. Accusations like this could permanently tarnish the man's hard-earned reputation and make it difficult to return to normal life once his ordeal is over.

The specific criminal charges the man is facing have not been reported. However, he could have an uphill battle in a case like this due to the public scrutiny he faces. Although the accusers are now adults, at the time of the alleged actions at least one of them was a younger child. These types of crimes can be prosecuted vigorously, so the man would do well to ensure he is aware of his legal rights and fights to ensure they are fully protected. Doing so could only help him fight the criminal charges in a North Carolina court and hopefully restore his image within the soccer community.

Source:, "More allegations made against ex-Catawba College soccer coach," Aug. 28, 2012

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