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North Carolina woman facing criminal charges of poisoning

A North Carolina man who is allegedly the victim of poisoning still claims to love the woman accused of the crime. The 22-year-old woman is now facing criminal charges after authorities believe she repeatedly poisoned her two boyfriends. She has since been charged with two felonies, although it appears that at least one of the men may stand by her as she goes through the legal process.

It is reported the woman was in a love triangle with the man she was living with and her next-door neighbor, but no reason has been given as to why authorities believe she committed these crimes. One of the men allegedly drank a poisoned Mountain Dew she had given him. He claimed the drink tasted overwhelmingly of aspirin. She allegedly also poisoned a baked potato that she had given to her neighbor.

Authorities also believe she could also be involved in an antifreeze poisoning incident that left her neighbor in the hospital for weeks. They think the man drank an iced tea that contained antifreeze. The man noticed the drink tasted bad, but there is no word on how much he consumed. At the hospital, the man's girlfriend was told that he had been poisoned. She then contacted police to notify them of what had occurred but she has not been charged in that case.

The woman allegedly admitted to giving muscle relaxers to both of the men, although it is unclear if she gave them the medication directly or placed it into food or beverage items. However, there are no reports that she laced their food or drink with any other poisonous substances. There is no mention whether authorities have any physical evidence to prove that either man was poisoned in the alleged events that led to the arrest. The specific criminal charges she is facing have not been released.

Cases like this can be disturbing, but it is important to keep in mind that initial reports of crime come almost exclusively from police reports and interviews with the alleged victim. The defendant usually does not have the chance to give their side of the story until he or she appears in court. In this case, the woman accused of this serious crime will likely need to ensure a valid and relevant defense is raised as she defends herself against these criminal charges in a North Carolina court of law.

Source:, "Man says he still loves woman accused of poisoning him," Aug. 31, 2012

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