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Huge find could lead to additional drug charges in North Carolina

A man is facing drug charges after a major bust in North Carolina. Authorities reportedly found over 500 pounds of marijuana at the home he was renting. The man was already jailed on drug charges in September, but with the newest find, he will likely face additional legal trouble.

Reports state 40 pounds of marijuana was initially found at the rental home during a raid in September. However, the owner of the rental property was recently doing yard work when he purportedly discovered the huge amount of drugs. The man was using a backhoe when it struck the top to a box said to contain the marijuana.

Police claim the owner of the yard had no idea the man had been previously charged for trafficking marijuana, so the newest stash was also an apparent surprise. Officers say the drugs may have come from Mexico to be distributed throughout their local area. The accused is being held with no bond at a local jail. There has been no word on what, if any, additional charges will be filed.

When a conviction is obtained on drug charges in North Carolina, it could mean a prison sentence. With the massive amount of drugs reportedly found at the rental home, this man could very well have an uphill legal battle on his hands. It may be in his best interests to fully understand the charges against him and the possible ramifications a conviction could bring. Nevertheless, allegations of criminal conduct are a far cry from a conviction, and the burden now rests on the government to prove the accusations it has advanced.

Source:, "More pot found at trafficking suspect's home," Catherine Bilkey, Dec. 13, 2012

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