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North Carolina man faces two felony drug charges

A North Carolina man is facing drug charges after a lengthy investigation by authorities. The man is accused of dealing prescription pills from his home. He has been hit with two felony drug charges in the case and is additionally accused of drug activity while outside of the state.

Numerous complaints came in to authorities concerning the possibility of drug activity. Agents say they were able to use an informant in order to encourage the 44-year-old man to sell them illegal prescription drugs. They claim that they were able to make several purchases of pills inside of the man's home.

The investigation resulted in the seizure of several pieces of evidence reportedly linking the man to the crime. Narcotics worth over $1,000, drug paraphernalia and a vehicle were allegedly confiscated. Agents allegedly also uncovered evidence pointing to out-of-state activities linked to the prescription drugs. They believe the accused man crossed state lines in order to gain access to prescriptions for other powerful narcotics. Officers believe the man may have used multiple vehicles in order to continue his drug operation.

He is now facing drug charges, one concerning the use of his home to sell the drugs and the other dealing with his intent to sell the pills to others. The North Carolina man will have the opportunity to have his side of the story heard soon, so it is important to understand he is deemed innocent until proven guilty. Although authorities were involved in the investigation, there may be additional evidence to clear him. Right now, it may be in his best interests to begin preparing his defense in order to be ready when called to answer to the charges against him.

Source:, "SWAT team called during prescription pill arrest," Caleb Troop, Jan. 4, 2013

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