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Military recruiter faces criminal charges in North Carolina

A Marine recruiter has been accused of sexually assaulting two female recruits. Although criminal charges have been filed against him in North Carolina, the Marine Corps has also been notified, potentially resulting in additional charges from a military court. The recruiter has since been arrested and must now defend himself in court.

Complaints against the man appear to have triggered the investigation. Investigators claim the alleged assaults took place at the recruiting office and at the man's apartment. The man came into contact with the two while performing his duties as a recruiter.

Investigators interviewed the man at his apartment. He has since been charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment. Additional charges include sexual servitude, threatening the alleged victims and attempted rape. The charges include both felonies and misdemeanors.

Military recruiters are placed in a position of trust within North Carolina communities and often work odd hours to meet the demands of the job, potentially placing them in circumstances where accusations of this nature can arise. Nevertheless, he is entitled to the same legal protections that apply to all individuals accused of a crime in our state, including the legal presumption of innocence. The prosecution is now charged with the responsibility of proving the criminal charges in a courtroom by a stringent measure of proof, without which no conviction can be achieved. The recruiter will have the opportunity to defend himself as he seeks to salvage his freedom, his reputation and his military career. If a conviction is returned, he could very well serve jail time and suffer additional consequences if he is also convicted by a military court.

Source:, "Marine recruiter arrested after allegations of sexual assault," Jan. 26, 2013

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