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Father faces felony charges in North Carolina shooting

Families are complicated. People with vastly different personalities frequently spend time together based on their blood ties. These different personalities can sometimes lead to conflict, ranging anywhere from verbal confrontation to encounters that lead to felony charges. Recently, an altercation between a father and son in North Carolina has led to the father's arrest.

In early April, police officers received a call from concerned neighbors about an incident that begin in the house of a 59-year-old man. Between the time the call was received and the arrival of police, neighbors reported hearing a gun shot inside the house. As police arrived, they say they noted a 29-year-old, the man's son, escaping the house through an open window.

At this time, a stand-off ensued between the 59-year old and police. Over the course of an hour, people in neighboring houses were evacuated from the area before the man finally surrendered. Police allege that the man had been drinking.

Today the man faces several charges from North Carolina authorities, including felony charges. Although the case against the man may look damaging, he still has not had a chance to defend himself or tell his version of events, and as in all cases, he is considered innocent unless prosecutors are ultimately able to prove his guilt. Even if he is guilty, there could be extenuating circumstances that led to the events and subsequent arrest. All families have conflict; some are simply more volatile than others. The man will be given an opportunity to respond to the suspected crimes in a court of law, and as always, the burden of proof rests solely with the government.

Source:, "Police: Intoxicated man fires gun in Winston-Salem home, prompts standoff," Ryan Sullivan, April 5, 2013

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