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North Carolina college students face drug charges

Many people have stories of things they did as a college student that they wish, in hindsight, they had not. However, only a small percentage of these actions end up with anything more than a bad case of regret. Occasionally, the impulsive and risk-taking actions of college students result in criminal charges. Unfortunately, pair of roommates - a male and female - at a North Carolina college fall in the group of college students who end up with criminal charges. Specifically, two Appalachia State University students returned from Spring Break only to realize they were just starting a fight against criminal drug charges.

For two days, residents in the area of their rental house noticed that the door was open. Concerned about the well-being of the occupants, they contacted the police. The police then entered the house to ensure the safety of any inhabitants. Once they entered, they discovered marijuana plants in the basement and one of the bedrooms. Caldwell County deputies returned with a warrant.

A search of the house was said to have turned up drug-related items, including $250,000 worth of marijuana plants. In addition to the plants, North Carolina police say they discovered cash and other supplies used to grow the plants. The roommates face several charges related to the discoveries, including possession with intent to sell and manufacturing marijuana.

The two college students certainly face an uncertain future thanks to the drug charges. Although they will be spending some time in a North Carolina courtroom, the debate regarding whether or not marijuana should continue to be an illegal substance continues in the United States. Since many people feel marijuana should be legalized, the students could find themselves with many supporters in their ensuing court battle. Nevertheless, the penalties that could come with a criminal conviction mandates that they work to protect their legal rights while fighting for optimal results.

Source:, "2 ASU students face marijuana-grow charges," Steve Lyttle, March 28, 2013

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