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North Carolina man facing weapons drug charges in Lincoln County

The situation for a North Carolina man, who has already been arrested for the deaths of two children, has gone from bad to worse as he is now facing drug charges. His original arrest stemmed from the fatal incident that occurred in a back yard construction site. The drug charges were filed after police investigating the scene say they found marijuana plants and drug growing equipment in his home.

There is no clear indication if the North Carolina drug charges were related to the accidental deaths of the two children in his backyard. The children were killed when a dirt wall collapsed as the man was working on a project on his property. As of now, the man has not been charged with anything directly related to the deaths of his daughter and nephew.

In addition to the drug charges, the man is also facing weapon charges. Specifically, the police say they discovered six firearms in his home, including one semi-automatic rifle. He has been charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and manufacturing a controlled substance.

Presumably, the variety of charges, in addition to the drug charges, that will ultimately be brought against this man are varied. Nevertheless, he certainly retains the same legal rights as any other citizen under the law. Despite the emotions that are likely accompanying any case that involves children, this man is still owed a fair and impartial legal process. One can only imagine the emotional turmoil the man is facing as a result of the tragedy.

Drug charges can carry a variety of punishments is a conviction is ultimately obtained. There is, however, a significant difference between an accusation of criminal conduct and a conviction before the court. When faced with such charges, an accused individual has every right to challenge the admissibility of any evidence that the government seeks to offer in support of the allegations. Unless and until he has been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, he remains innocent in the eyes of the law.

Source:, "Deaths of daughter, nephew lead to gun, drug charges for NC man," April 16, 2013

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