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North Carolina man facing a drunk driving charge

A young North Carolina man finds himself facing a drunk driving charge stemming from a fatal car accident. The accident claimed the life of one passenger in his car. The drunk driving charge also includes a charge of causing bodily harm to the two other survivors from the wreck.


The vehicle carrying the four men was struck by another oncoming vehicle. One passenger was declared dead and the driver supposedly made an emotional confession when learning of his friend's death. At the scene, he denied drinking any alcohol in the hours leading up to the accident.

No field sobriety tests were performed due to the extent of the injuries. However, police were able to perform chemical tests when the North Carolina man was taken to the hospital. The man was alert after the incident and was seemingly cooperative with police.


There is no report on the actual blood alcohol content of the man. Interestingly, the police performed an eye test on the driver, but the report did not say if he passed that test before he was taken to the hospital. It is not mentioned if the other driver was questioned for any illegal activity or traffic violations.


The young man is now facing a complicated process as he defends himself against a drunk driving charge. There are several factors that could benefit his defense, including the fact that there were no field sobriety tests performed at the scene. Emotional confessions may be driven by confusion and pressure and may not actually hold up in court. He has the right to work for the best possible outcome for himself.


Source:, "N.C. teen charged with three counts of felony DUI in fatal crash that killed passenger," Tonya Root, June 18, 2013

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