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North Carolina theft crime: Venus flytraps taken, reward offered

A North Carolina conservationist group is left confused after a theft crime of over 90 percent of the Venus flytrap exhibition. The group is currently offering a reward of $1,500 for the return of the plants or a tip on the whereabouts of the thief. The theft crime from the city property seems strange, but the Venus flytrap is a considerably valuable plant, valued around $20 per plant.

The North Carolina Coastal Land trust is the group responsible for the city garden and also the group funding the reward. The reward money is coming from a fund that was originally to be used to expand the Venus fly trap exhibition. The garden is also planning on expanding its security measures as well.

Whomever reportedly took these plants, if they are caught, faces considerable theft charges for stealing public property from a city garden. However, he or she is considered innocent until -- and only if -- proven guilty in court of law. There is no indication that the garden has security cameras. Short of an eyewitness account, there may not be unquestionable proof of the supposed crime.

The accused of this purported theft crime -- should someone be located and charged -- has a the right to build a defense and present evidence on his or her behalf. The law allows the accused to pursue the best possible outcome for themselves, consistent with our rule of law. While it is not known the who took the plants or the motive behind the action, it is important to remember that there are important safeguards that protect every individual accused of a crime in North Carolina in order to ensure that fair and impartial proceedings are conducted.

Source:, "N.C. group offers $1,500 reward in theft of Venus flytraps," June 18, 2013

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