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Two North Carolina men face drug charges

In the Bladen County area of North Carolina, two men were arrested for drug charges after being pulled over by police. The vehicle caught the attention of police when a patrol officer noticed the expired tag, which then led to what the officer said was a "probable cause search" of the vehicle. There is no indication of what specifically caused the police to search the car after making the initial traffic stop. The drug charges are based on evidence that was supposedly found in the search.

The search turned up 396 grams of marijuana, cash and other drug paraphernalia. According to the Bladen County, North Carolina narcotics division, the drugs are supposedly of medical grade and have a significant street value. Two men in the vehicle were arrested and now face several charges, including intent to distribute.

Both men are being held on secured bonds. There is no indication if they have secured legal counsel, but both men certainly have the right to build a criminal defense for themselves. It is important to remember that all of the facts from the case are not known and these men are innocent until proved otherwise in a court of law.

When building a defense for serious charges, such as drug charges, the first step is to gather all evidence that may benefit the defense. Careful scrutiny of the traffic stop and what probable cause the officer relied on in conducting the search could prove critical to the defense. Should it turn out that the officer did not have sufficient probable cause to search the vehicle, all of the evidence derived from that search may be inadmissible against these two men.

Source: The Bladen Journal, "Two arrested on drug charges," W. Curt Vincent, July 15, 2013

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