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Deputy fired after North Carolina DWI charge

Law enforcement officials are often held to a higher standard than most North Carolina citizens. For the head of many departments, it is important that their officers' reputations are above reproach, especially when it comes to criminal activity. However, many departments are willing to wait to pass final judgment on their officers until after the courts have done their job. This was not the case for a deputy who is facing a DWI charge.

The deputy was driving through Moorehead City when he was pulled over by police in the early morning hours of Aug. 11. Police allege that the officer was drunk driving and have charged him with DWI. The North Carolina department then notified the deputy's department of the charge.

In response, the Greenville County Sheriff in South Carolina fired the deputy. The Sheriff did not even give the deputy the opportunity to defend himself against the charges. It is not said whether a blood sample was taken or what the police are basing their assumption on to support a charge of driving while intoxicated.

Considering all that is at stake for this officer, it may be beneficial for him to familiarize himself with what constitutes a DWI charge in North Carolina. Further, he has the right to question the officer or officers that believe he was intoxicated on that night. If he is able to prove his innocence, he may be able to not only clear his name in court, but also get his job back. Being faced with criminal charges can often have much broader ramifications for someone who is accused than just the possibility of jail or prison time.

Source: Fox Carolina, "Sheriff: Greenville Co. deputy fired after charged with DWI in NC," Casey Vaughn, Aug. 13, 2013

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