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Former North Carolina police officer faces criminal charges

Anger can fuel a lot of irrational acts. When combining anger with the availability of a firearm, those acts can turn dangerous at a moment's notice. However, just because an allegation has been made that an individual was angry when they left an altercation, does not always mean that they are responsible for any subsequent criminal charges that are brought as a result of an incident that same evening in a North Carolina court.

Police claim that a former North Carolina police officer was responsible for firing shots into an occupied residence after he left the residence due to an altercation with the homeowner. The homeowner claims that they had invited about 20 people to the residence to watch a fight on television when he had an argument with the man. The homeowner stated that the man left, but claimed that he would be back with a gun.

According to reports, about 30 minutes after the man left, shots were fired into the home. No one appears to have been hurt from the shots. The man was taken into custody and is being held for lack of $50,000 bond.

Although the evidence may give an indication that the man arrested is responsible for the shooting, there remains a significant amount of questions as to the validity of the criminal charges. Evaluating who else was at the residence, who may also have had a problem with the homeowner and what other evidence besides the testimony of the homeowner North Carolina police may have, can go a long ways in determining the merits of the case. If this inquiry results in further problems with the evidence, this could assist the defendant in presenting an effective defense to the charges.

Source:, Former NC police officer arrested for firing shots into packed h, Stephen McNulty, Sept 17, 2013

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