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North Carolina mother faces criminal charges for assault on son

Getting to the bottom of an alleged assault can be a difficult task for law enforcement. Sorting the details in how the assault transpired and who was responsible for initiating the altercation can serve as the basis for criminal charges to be filed by North Carolina police. However, despite charges being filed, there may still be an abundance of evidence that has yet to be disclosed, which may only arise after a thorough investigation has been completed.

A mother was arrested recently by police after it was alleged that she beat her son. Police responded to a 911 call that reported that an assault had occurred. Upon their arrival, police claim that they could hear screaming coming from outside the residence.

Police made contact with the alleged victim who claimed that his mother had told his younger brother to beat him and instructed the victim to not fight back. The mother was then alleged to have forced the boy to strip down to his underwear and the woman proceeded to beat him with a belt. Police took photographs of the alleged injuries and took the 41-year-old woman into custody on child cruelty charges.

Do not be surprised if there is more evidence regarding these criminal charges that arise as the investigation continues. The evidence reported in days following the arrest may be just as crucial as the evidence gathered at the scene. Only after all the evidence has been disclosed will their be a basis to proceed under an appropriate case strategy, which can go a long ways in ensuring that North Carolina prosecutors are forced to present a strong enough case to refute any reasonable doubt that the defendant is not-guilty of the crime.

Source: The Smoking Gun, North Carolina Mother Arrested For Trying To "Beat The Gay" Out Of Her Teenage Son, No author, Aug. 28, 2013

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