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October 2013 Archives

North Carolina school employee faces felony charges

A school employee has been arrested after he allegedly pretended to be a teenage girl through a Facebook profile. He has been accused of soliciting minors to send him nude photos of themselves. He faces felony charges in North Carolina of indecent exposure to a minor.

Passing a stopped school bus - changes in the law

Effective for offenses committed on or after December 1, 2013, the Passing a Stopped School Bus law in North Carolina makes several changes including the payment of a minimum $500 fine for the Class 1 misdemeanor. It establishes driver's license revocations for the second misdemeanor conviction within three years. Defendant's failure to pay fine or costs imposed for a violation will result in the Division of Motor Vehicles withholding the registration renewal of a motor vehicle registered in the defendant's name. Check on the Traffic Violations banner.Passing a stopped school bus

North Carolina criminal defense: officer accused of manslaughter

Manslaughter cases that involve police officers in the role of the accused can draw a significant amount of attention, both in North Carolina and across the country. It can often seem difficult for a police officer accused of voluntary manslaughter to receive a fair trial in the wake of such high media exposure. This can make the preparation of such a criminal defense especially critical, considering the high stakes involved for the law enforcement official.

2 North Carolina men face drug charges for heroin trafficking

Unfortunately, North Carolina has seen an increase in heroin charges in this state, and police officers are trying hard to arrest all those that they believe are involved in the heroin drug trafficking trade. On Oct. 5, the Dare County Narcotics Task Force arrested two men on heroin drug charges. The two North Carolina men have also been charged with other drug related infractions.

2 North Carolina men admit criminal charges in real estate scheme

There are many different types of white-collar crimes, and each of those crimes can fan out into several subcategories. Fraud is an especially versatile category; one can commit fraud against a person, a business or even an entity such as the United States of America. In North Carolina, under their plea deal, two men have admitted to the criminal charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States through a series of real estate scam schemes.

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