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Man begins criminal defense against Mecklenburg murder charge

A man has recently been arrested in Mecklenburg after an incident in which another man was shot and killed. Police suspect that the accused man fatally shot the victim, but the motive is not detailed in the report. Nevertheless, the man is being held in the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office on various charges, and he must now begin his criminal defense.

According to the report, the accused man and the victim interacted with each other in the afternoon on Beatties Ford Road near LaSalle Street in northwest Charlotte. Police suspect that the two men knew each other, meaning that the shooting was not just a random act of violence; however, the report does not detail what led police to make this conjecture. The report also does not give a motive on what police think may have provoked the accused man to shoot at the victim.

Regardless, gunshots were fired, and the victim was found shot to death. The report does not reveal why or how police suspected the accused man, nor does the report say whether any shots were fired back at the accused man. Nevertheless, they tracked him to a residence in southwest Charlotte and arrested him without incident.

The man is being held in Mecklenburg County under an unspecified bond amount, and he will need to start forming his criminal defense against his various charges. He faces charges of murder, assault with a deadly weapon, communicating threats and possession of a firearm by someone previously convicted of a felony. Even though the accused man was convicted of crimes in the past, it is crucial to remember that all persons accused of a crime are innocent until, and only if, proved guilty in a court of law by a standard of proof defined as beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source:, Man arrested in shooting death of Mayor Benjamin's brother-in-law, Steve Lyttle and Elisabeth Arriero, Dec. 10, 2013

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