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Elderly man begins criminal defense against hit-man allegations

An elderly man was recently arrested stemming from an incident that occurred in Alexander County. North Carolina police believe that the 70-year-old man called a hit-man and attempted to pay the individual to kill someone. The man must now begin to form a solid criminal defense against his charges.

According to the report, the man supposedly attempted to hire an individual for $2,500 to kill someone who allegedly owed the man money. The report is not clear on whether the man communicated with the purported hit-man by phone or in person. Nevertheless, the police received a tip leading them to investigate and eventually arrest the man on charges of solicitation to commit murder.

Police officers took the tip very seriously, and they claim that they moved quickly because someone's life could have been in danger. The officers also executed a search warrant and confiscated several of the man's firearms from his residence. The community as well as the man's wife was alarmed by the arrest, and they are in disbelief that the supposedly mild-mannered man is accused of such a crime.

The man's wife has also stated that it is very possible her husband became confused from his medication. It is likely that officers will investigate her claim, and the results may affect the man's criminal defense. Few specific details about the case are being released, but North Carolina officials claim to have incriminating evidence him. However, as the investigation continues, new evidence might reveal otherwise, and any new findings could strengthen the man's defense and ultimately impact the outcome of this case.

Source:, Great grandfather arrested for trying to hire hit-man, Dave Faherty, Jan. 2, 2014

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