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4 accused of insurance fraud for allegedly staging a car crash

Four people were arrested in connection with what police suspect was an insurance fraud scheme. The investigators believe that the four staged a car accident in North Carolina in order to file claims and receive the insurance money. The four individuals are currently in police custody, and they are each likely focused on defending themselves against the fraud allegations.

On Sept. 9, 2012, a car accident occurred in Orange County. The details of the accident, including how many cars were involved, was not reported. It is also unclear why the authorities suspected that the car crash was staged. Nevertheless, the investigating officers believe that the suspects attempted to fraudulently collect over $25,000 from Greenville Casualty Insurance Company.

The local police worked alongside the North Carolina Department of Insurance Criminal Investigations Division to arrest the four suspects on charges of various degrees. All four face charges of insurance fraud, obtaining property by false pretense and conspiracy to obtain property by false pretense. While each individual faces the same charges, the bond for three of the suspects was set at $30,000 while one person's bond was only set at $2,500. The specific degrees of the charges were not given. The police are still looking for three more suspects to arrest on similar charges.

The failure to disclose any information about why investigators suspect the crash was faked could indicate a lack of evidence. It is possible that in complex white collar criminal cases where multiple suspects were allegedly involved, such as this one, new evidence may be discovered as the investigation continues. If so, that could work in favor of one or more of the accused individuals. Regardless, prosecutors must necessarily establish each and every element of the fraud charges against each individual defendant before a conviction is possible, a burden that is meant to protect against the conviction of innocent people.

Source:, Staged car accident leads to insurance fraud allegations, No author, Feb. 11, 2014

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