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2 arrested after 1,400 pounds of marijuana allegedly seized

After what the police are calling the largest marijuana seizure in Buncombe County, two individuals have been arrested. North Carolina police officers claim that they discovered approximately 1,400 pounds of marijuana in one man's residence. The two men face federal charges stemming from these allegations.

It is not clear why the officers suspected the two men initially, but the officers began the investigation by supposedly setting up a phone conversation between one of the suspects and a police informant. Additional officers also tailed the other suspect as he drove to the first suspect's residence. A traffic stop allegedly revealed about 40 pounds of marijuana in the second suspect's vehicle.

The officers were able to obtain a search warrant on the first suspect's property. They claim that they found two trash bags full of marijuana and paraphernalia inside the residence, 15 boxes of marijuana in a trailer and 27 boxes of marijuana in a small rental truck on his property. The 1,400 pounds of marijuana that the officers say they seized would be worth about $1.8 million on the streets. They were both arrested and charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver over 100 kilograms of marijuana, which could mean a sentence of between five and 40 years in prison if convicted.

No matter the sensational nature of the alleged crimes, anyone accused of crimes in North Carolina is innocent until, and only if, proven guilty in court. The two men accused of possessing a large amount of marijuana have rights, just like any other accused person, and those rights require protection during their criminal proceedings. Among these rights is the right to make their own decisions in their defenses so that they can choose the path that seems most beneficial to each of them.

Source: Black Mountain News, Arrests made in largest Buncombe pot seizure, Clarke Morrison, March 11, 2014

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