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Alleged embezzlement and fraud scheme leads to woman's arrest

A woman was arrested and is now facing accusations of running an insurance fraud scheme. The woman supposedly falsely obtained thousands of dollars from property rental insurance premiums that should have been given to the insurance company. She faces charges of embezzlement and falsely obtaining property, and she was taken into custody in North Carolina.

The criminal investigators from the Department of Insurance claim that the woman operated her scheme from 2010 to 2012. During this time period, the woman supposedly owned a rental property company that rented vacation homes to customers on Lake Gaston. She supposedly kept the property rental insurance premiums for her own personal use.

The premiums, however, were supposed to be returned to the agency that marketed insurance underwritten by a large company. She is accused of obtaining roughly $24,000 from over 270 policies during the time period covered by the accusations. Even though the renters did not seem to lose money during the alleged scheme, the investigators fear that withholding the premiums impacted additional policies. She was arrested and charged with one count of obtaining property on false pretense and one count of embezzlement by an insurance agent.

In cases involving white collar crimes, there are typically a number of elements in the case that must be thoroughly investigated in order to get sufficient evidence to use in court. This process can often be difficult for North Carolina prosecutors. The woman's defense will carefully examine the prosecution's case and focus on the specific elements of the embezzlement allegations and related crimes that the woman faces.

Source:, Virginia woman arrested in alleged North Carolina insurance scheme, No author, Feb. 28, 2014

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