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North Carolina criminal defense: Did dad threaten bullies?

Bullying in schools has become a major issue all around the country. Many states, such as North Carolina, have been trying to improve the situation by passing laws against it. While the situation may be improving, many children are still suffering from bullying in schools. One child's father apparently took matters into his own hands when his child was bullied, and he was arrested and now must focus on his criminal defense against the charges.

The father claimed that his middle school aged son was the victim of bullying on the school bus. Several kids had supposedly previously punched, slapped and kicked the child on multiple occasions. However, when the bullies allegedly smeared hand sanitizer into the son's eyes, the father allegedly decided to take matters into his own hands.

The father reportedly boarded the school bus and told the bullies to stop bullying his son or they would have to "deal with" him. The father had previously complained to administrators about his son's situation, but he claims that not enough action was taken. He expressed concern that, if the bullying does not stop, his son may commit suicide. After talking to the bullies on the bus, the father was arrested for communicating threats and trespassing.

North Carolina has taken a strong stance against bullying; our state is even one out of 14 that have made bullying students based on their sexual orientation illegal. For this reason, with the father's testimony and other evidence, it is possible that leniency may be shown in his case. It remains the burden of prosecutors to actually prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the father actually violated the applicable criminal statute. Additionally, the father may have the opportunity to pursue plea negotiations as part of his criminal defense. Regardless, the father will want to ensure that his legal rights are fully protected during this process.

Source:, NC dad arrested after confronting son's bullies on school bus, No author, March 26, 2014

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