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Woman of many personas arrested for fraud in North Carolina

A woman who supposedly created fake personas for herself in order to conceal her identity has been arrested. The North Carolina resident faces many charges, including fraud, for supposedly scamming several people for money. The 39-year-old is likely now focused on planning her criminal defense against these accusations.

The authorities suspect that the woman has been scheming to swindle people out of their money since the year 2000. She has purportedly created fake personas for herself that include false names, careers and addresses. She allegedly forged immigration documents and used her fluency in Spanish to convince other native Spanish speakers that she was not an American citizen.

The authorities suspect that, by claiming to be an immigrant, she was able to avoid detection for many years. She had supposedly claimed to help native Spanish speakers by interpreting for them in places like courtrooms and acting as a car broker, but she would purportedly defraud the victims of their money. Her arrest came after a Yadkinville man claimed that she had stolen $6,000 from him in Sept. 2013 while she was his employee.

She faces 21 charges in North Carolina, including fraud, using false checks and probation violations. Even though she faces so many charges and even has a warrant out for her arrest in another state, white collar crime can sometimes be difficult for prosecutors to prove in court. Especially since this woman allegedly used so many identities, it could be hard to trace all the alleged crimes back to her. Nevertheless, as she faces all these charges, she should make sure to protect her rights as her case moves forward.

Source:, Greensboro woman pretends to be Mexican citizen, faces multiple fraud charges, Andrea Cavallier, March 4, 2014

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