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5 face North Carolina drug charges for cocaine trafficking

Five people, four of whom have been arrested, face charges relating to a recent drug bust in Yadkin County. The police suspect that the accused individuals brought marijuana, cocaine and prescription medication into North Carolina from another state. They face various drug charges stemming from the alleged drug bust.

It is not clear why the police were investigating the five people, and it is not clear how the accused individuals are supposedly connected. It is also unclear what led to their arrests, but four of them were detained after a routine traffic stop. The stop ultimately led to a search of the car and of a residence that the police believed was a place used to sell illegal substances.

The police say that they were involved in the transportation of drugs from New Jersey to distribute in Yadkin County. The investigators say they found 21 grams of marijuana, three ounces of crack cocaine and various prescription pills inside the car and the residence. It is not clear who, if anyone, among the five owned the residence. Each person faces drug trafficking charges for conspiracy to traffic as well as trafficking in cocaine. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of the fifth suspect on the aforementioned charges, though no details regarding that man's alleged involvement were provided.

In cases like this, one where many people are accused of involvement in a large-scale crime, it can prove difficult for prosecutors in North Carolina to gather and present sufficient incriminating evidence against each specific person. If enough evidence is not offered in support of the charges, then some or all of the defendants could have their drug charges reduced or -- in the best case scenario -- dropped entirely. In the meantime, they would benefit by preparing a strong criminal defense as the proceedings move forward in court.

Source:, "5 charged in Yadkin County cocaine trafficking investigation", , April 11, 2014

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