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Knowledge and know-how critical to defend against criminal charges

Individuals in and around the Charlotte area who are facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges have a lot is at stake. A criminal conviction related to drug charges, DWI, assault, theft or fraud can negatively impact an individual's life in innumerable and often unforeseen ways.

Individuals who are facing criminal charges, feel tremendous stress and fear as they attempt to deal with how to approach and defend against criminal charges. Attorney Christopher A. Connelly understands that an individual's future and important professional, personal and financial matters are on the line.

When it comes to selecting a criminal defense attorney, it's important not to leave anything to chance. For more than 25 years, Christopher A. Connelly has fought to defend the rights of individuals facing criminal charges. He has intimate and extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and the Charlotte area court system and uses his specialized skills set to defend against and refute claims and evidence presented by the prosecution.

Criminal charges related to drunk or impaired driving are among some of the most common handled by Christopher A. Connelly. In North Carolina, the penalties associated with a first or subsequent DWI conviction include hefty fines, jail or prison time, driver's license suspension or revocation and mandatory use of an ignition interlock device.

At the Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly, we take an individualized approach to each DWI case and apply our extensive legal and criminal defense knowledge when defending against evidence presented by the state. For example, in some DWI cases, the means by which an individual was stopped or evidence was collected can be proven unlawful. In other cases the accuracy of a breathalyzer test or possible contamination of a blood sample may be an issue.

A criminal conviction can change the course of an individual's life. Having a criminal record may interfere with an individual's ability to find employment and housing and also negatively effect personal relationships. It's important, therefore, to choose a criminal defense attorney who will take the time to understand an individual's unique circumstances and apply strategies that have been proven successful.

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