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Defending against charges and allegations of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue and all allegations of domestic violence should be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. Law enforcement officials in North Carolina are often swift to take action when responding to calls involving possible acts of domestic violence and those accused of committing acts of intimidation or violence may face criminal charges. Additionally, even in cases where no criminal charges are filed, state law allows individuals who claim to have suffered acts of domestic violence to file for a civil protective order or a 50-B.

Criminal charges of domestic violence may result from numerous interactions, misunderstandings and altercations between family members, spouses, roommates, parents and significant others. Even in cases where there is a lack of physical or other evidence, criminal charges and/or a protective order may still be filed. North Carolina residents who have been arrested and face criminal charges of domestic violence and/or who learn they are the subject of a 50-B, would be wise to take such matters seriously.

These types of cases are highly emotional for all involved parties and often have unintended and negative consequences for the individuals against whom charges or protective orders are filed. For example, if a protective order is granted for 12 months, a parent may lose his or her child custody or visitation rights.

The repercussions associated with allegations and criminal charges of domestic violence are significant. For these reasons, North Carolina residents who have been accused of domestic violence are advised to contact attorney Christopher Connelly. Attorney Connelly vigorously protects the rights of and defends individuals who face criminal charges as well as individuals who are the subject of a 50-B.

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