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Pot-related criminal charges in North Carolina: much to ponder

Say that you're a nice person -- we assume most of our readers are -- and that you easily qualify for the title of "good citizen" that most of your friends would readily bestow upon you.

You've got hobbies, a wide circle of friendships and a job you like.

We'll ratchet up this hypothetical. You've just been arrested for marijuana possession and are understandably a bit freaked out about what police and prosecutors might seek to do to you.

North Carolina readers of this blog should understand that, while a few states around the country have legalized the use of medical marijuana, with some others materially decriminalizing pot-related offenses, the Tar Heel state is not yet a member of that crowd.

In fact, possession of even a relatively small amount of marijuana intended for personal use may bring a fine and possibly even some jail time, as all marijuana cases are deemed to misdemeanors.

And as we note on a relevant page of our firm's website, an adverse outcome for a defendant facing a pot possession charge in North Carolina "stays on [a] criminal record forever."

That fact and unquestionably harsh reality might reasonably encourage any person facing the considerable power and resources of state authorities in a drug matter to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for prompt and aggressive assistance.

There are many things an experienced defense lawyer can do in advocating for a client facing drug charges. Seeking to reduce a felony offense to a misdemeanor is one of them. Arguing for an alternative outcome to jail or prison is another, sometimes seen as diversionary programs.  Sometimes, even a felony can be reduced downwards and ultimately dismissed.  

And, of course, police officers and prosecutors can often be challenged on a number of points, which may result in criminal charges being dropped outright. Perhaps an officer lacked probable cause to even come into contact with a person subsequently arrested on a drug charge. Perhaps a suspect was not advised of his or her right to timely contact an attorney. Maybe evidence was unlawfully obtained through a search and seizure that was constitutionally infirm.

The Law Office of Christopher Connelly is proud of the role it plays in promoting the legal rights of criminally accused persons. We invite readers seeking relevant information about our firm and its advocacy in the important area of drug-crimes defense to visit us online at our Charlotte Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney page.

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