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Theft-related offenses taken very seriously in North Carolina


Although it's a simple sounding word, its connotations are actually various and its implications for parties accused of it potentially severe.

As a quick example of just how dire a theft-related outcome can be for a convicted person in North Carolina, we draw readers' attention to an act adjudged to be identity theft in the state.

Most of us are pretty clear on what that is or generally entails. Identity theft is commonly perceived as a crime involving the stealing by one person of another individual's most personal identifying information, such as a Social Security number and birth date. As one online overview of identity theft states, a person committing theft then uses that information "to open credit accounts and [commit] other nefarious acts."

The penalty for conviction (even for a first offense): up to 80 months in prison and a fine of as much as $50,000. North Carolina criminal authorities deem all instances of identity theft as felonies.

Other types of theft that are common in the realm of white collar crime are viewed in similarly draconian fashion, with a harsh outcome being a realistic possibility in any given case.

As we note on a relevant page of our website at the Charlotte-based Law Office of Christopher Connelly, persons who are targeted in a theft-focused investigation in North Carolina "have much to lose."

The goal of our law firm is to ensure that such losses are minimized to the fullest extent possible in every case. In client matters involving larceny, embezzlement, employee theft and other financial crimes, we focus unstintingly on mitigating criminal consequences to the maximum degree.

Knowledgeable and aggressive defense representation can sometimes make a material difference in a theft-related matter.

We invite readers interested in more information on this key legal practice area and the advocacy we bring to bear on behalf of clients to visit us online at our Charlotte White Collar Crime Defense page.

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