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North Carolina drug bust spotlights state power, resources

Question: How much time, effort and money will North Carolina law enforcement authorities willingly expend on covert surveillance of a state resident and ultimately charging that individual on a single criminal count of possession with the intent to sell and deliver marijuana?

Answer: A lot.

Indeed, recent news involving the arrest of 19 state residents on drug charges is revealing for details it provides regarding the parameters of a drug bust in North Carolina.

Admittedly, some of the persons arrested in a recently concluded year-and-a-half-long investigative effort now face charges relating to cocaine and heroin. Others, though, have been charged with what many people might reasonably regard as relatively minor pot-related offenses.

There is of course a definite news-related aspect pertaining to the particulars of the individuals charged and the specific allegations made against them. Equally notable, though, is the strong topical focus inherent in the bust that spotlights the vast amount of power and resources that the state can -- and is willing to -- devote to an enforcement effort.

In the instant case, the lengthy investigation involved close interaction among multiple enforcement agencies, including county police departments, the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation and officials from Alcohol Law Enforcement.

A fundamental bottom line clearly revealed by the undercover operation is this: State officials command flatly extensive resources that they will not hesitate to employ to investigate individuals suspected of drug-related activities.

Our firm knows well the considerable resources that the state readily commands and can commit to a drug investigation, and we take pride in the role that we play in safeguarding the constitutional rights of persons who are targeted by that power. Every individual who is on the receiving end of law enforcement scrutiny has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and a concomitant right to legal counsel that is ready, willing and able to fully promote his or her legal interests.

Relevant information about the Charlotte Law Office of Christopher Connelly and our zealous representation of persons charged with drug crimes can be gleaned by visiting us online at our Drug Charges Defense Lawyer page.

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