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The goal in every DWI case: promoting a client's best interests

An emotionally rending tale regarding a drunk driving conviction and its consequences for one woman in Maryland was recently related in a lengthy DWI-focused story appearing in the New York Times.

We won't pass along all the material details of that tale here, noting instead that we are using the story as a stepping stone to make a couple germane points about DWI/DUI charges. What we will note from the article as a sounding board for further discussion is its comment that "even a supposedly light punishment like probation can severely disrupt a working-class life and weigh heavily on its prospects."

In the woman's case, she was duly employed, had an exemplary driving record prior to her DWI stop and had no criminal record whatsoever. She opted to plead guilty so that she could enter a probationary program.

What happened to her reads like a litany of horrors, with successive exactions costing her thousands of dollars, resulting in job loss and bringing a month-plus jail term.

At the Law Office of Christopher Connelly in Charlotte, we know that, while probation and other alternatives to jail time are invariably outcomes that are preferable to that disposition, they are often anything but walks in the park.

As noted in the above-cited article, probationary conditions can be quite stringent and exacting, with failure to abide with posited requirements bringing decidedly adverse consequences.

Our law firm believes that the best outcome in any given case involving our clients is a dismissal of charges and no dire results at all.

Of course, that is simply not possible in every case, but it certainly merits noting that timely, sound and aggressive legal representation can often mitigate the consequences of a DWI charge materially. And, indeed, charges against some persons are completely dropped in some instances.

We look closely at every aspect of a police stop, with our representation predicated on an unwavering goal of securing the best possible outcome. Simply put, our clients' best interests are paramount.

We invite persons with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of a drunk driving-related stop or charge in North Carolina to visit us online at our Charlotte DWI Defense page for relevant information.

We welcome your visit.

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