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The widely ensnaring effects of DWI/DUI enforcement campaigns:

North Carolina drivers, like motorists in all states across the country, are quite familiar with recurrent traffic campaigns conducted by law enforcement agencies.

State and federal officials obviously put a good deal of thought into conveying the central thrust of such initiatives, often announcing them in a high-profile manner and in a way that makes them memorable and instantly identifiable.

Slogan-type language is preferred, replete with rhyming schemes.

Motorists across North Carolina have been duly introduced and periodically reacquainted with the Click it or Ticket campaign in recent years. The meaning of Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over is certainly clear each time authorities dust off the slogan and enforce its dictates on North Carolina roads.

And then there's this: Booze It & Lose It. The implications surrounding that mantra are emphatically clear, with some drivers in the state perhaps reflexively reaching for their wallets to tightly grasp their driver's license when reading those words.

The Booze It campaign was once again rolled out across the state over the recent Halloween weekend, from October 30 to November 1.

That the results were impressive -- at least from the perspective of enforcers -- hardly seems surprising, given that close to 400 enforcement agencies across the state participated.

Reportedly, more than 600 people were arrested for driving while intoxicated over the weekend. Thirty seven of those drivers were Mecklenburg County residents.

As we have noted in many past blog posts, state authorities are not focused on forgiveness and mitigation when they file a criminal DWI/DUI charge against a motorist.

A North Carolina driver who is facing a drunk driving-related charge might reasonably want to secure the timely assistance of a proven and aggressive criminal defense attorney. An experienced DWI/DUI lawyer will take all steps possible to mitigate the effects of an arrest or criminal charge and to fully protect the rights of an accused party.

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