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A drinking-related tale and some attendant observations

As we note on our website at the Law Office of Christopher Connelly in Charlotte, a drinking-related traffic stop in Mecklenburg County or elsewhere in North Carolina can entail heavy consequences.

In fact, a driving while impaired or driving under the influence criminal charge can yield materially adverse consequences that play out over a lifetime.

Those can centrally include, as we note online, these outcomes:

  • Jail time
  • Heavy fines and other penalty exactions
  • Driver's license suspension or revocation
  • Hiked insurance rates
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Alcohol abuse assessment/treatment

In some select cases, as noted in a recent media article chronicling a DWI/DUI pursuit and arrest, a perfect storm of adverse penalties looms large for a North Carolina motorist.

In the described case, a man reportedly led police on a chase in Moore County that featured speeds up to 135 miles per hour. He was eventually stopped and taken into custody after being involved in a minor car accident. He faces charges from multiple police agencies that include driving while impaired, eluding arrest with a motor vehicle, hit and run, failing to stop, reckless driving and additional counts.

The case is admittedly sensational. Some people might argue, though, that it is hardly representative of most DWI/DUI cases, with the great majority of drinking-related stops made in North Carolina not featuring facts that are even remotely similar to those that were reported from Moore County.

In truth, many persons charged with drunk driving in the state are first-time offenders who simply strayed a drink or so over the legal line while out with friends or family members. They intended no harm, and they sought to break no law. They include teachers, doctors, store owners, ministers and, yes, sometimes even judges and police officers.

All such individuals have the need -- and the lawful right -- to secure experienced legal counsel to closely investigate the charges against them and provide diligent and aggressive advocacy that is in their best interests.

Drivers make mistakes. So, too, do law enforcers on some occasions. Every case is unique.

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