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A look at the North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting Act

For any of our readers who have ever wondered how focused North Carolina criminal authorities are on systematically identifying and controlling various types of drugs, the state's Controlled Substances Reporting System might be instructive.

As noted in an official state website discussing that program, the system "was established ... to improve the state's ability to identify people who abuse and misuse [various types of] prescription drugs."

State authorities say that, once identified, such people can be expeditiously referred to facilities for treatment.

Of course, they can also be scrutinized in clandestine fashion by criminal investigators, as overtly acknowledged on the above site, which states that access to prescription drug information is readily provided to agents working with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. Moreover, their peers in other states can also log onto the reporting system.

The type of drugs that trigger site users' scrutiny run a wide gamut and include all Schedule II - Schedule V offerings that are listed as controlled substances under state and federal law. Centrally, those include these pharmaceuticals:

  • Schedule II (drugs deemed as having a high potential for abuse, e.g., cocaine, opium and morphine)
  • Schedule III (potential for abuse -- anabolic steroids, for example)
  • Schedule IV (low potential for abuse -- e.g., Valium, Darvon)
  • Schedule V ( low potential for abuse -- over-the-counter codeine-based medications, for instance)

Some prescription-drug users might want to contact an experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney if they have questions about any aspect of the formal reporting system.

The severe criminal penalties that can come into play for some people who is charged with a criminal offense can render a proven lawyer's input both timely and valuable.

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